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BLÅ OSLO 3.12.10

















On December 3rd 2010 I was fortunate enough to DJ for the second time at a Mount Kimbie concert in Oslo. Their previous visit had been to play mine and Are Mokkelbost’s Dausteg happening in a big church as part of 2009’s Ultima Festival. This time was at Oslo’s BLÅ venue. You can hear a recording of my DJ set here


Coil: Cardinal Points

Salem: Frost

Three Six Mafia: Rainbow Colors

Boards of Canada: June 9th

Demdike Stare: Caged in Stammheim

Balam Acab: See Birds

Seefeel: Lief

Autechre: Rae/Ciara: 1, 2 Step (Accapella)

Dabrye: Walk

Zomby: Digital Flora

Kontext: Falling to Weightlessness

Floating Points: K&G Beat

Oneohtrix Point Never: Hyperdawn

Jam City: Shut the Lights Off (Devil Refix)

Aphex Twin: Ventolin (Probus Mix)

Burial: Pirates

Autechre: See on See

Harmonia: Watussi

Peverelist: Infinity is Now





Dausteg: Music for 2010 NN (Nothing left //) – Bøerre Sæthre

Spykidelic writes

Dausteg (Tony F Wilson: Turntables, Effects/Are Mokkelbost: Laptop, Tenori-On, Effects) were asked by Norwegian artist Børre Sæthre to provide sound for his 2010 NN (Nothing Left //) installation at Galleri Nord Norge in Harstad, Norway. Given the Sci-Fi nature of Sæthre’s work and Harstad’s location 250 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle, the resulting soundtrack is influenced largely by John Carpenter’s The Thing: The duo utilised parts of Ennio Morricone’s original score and other pre-existing sci-fi and horror soundtracks, as well as original compositions by Are Mokkelbost, which forms the main part of this opening segment.

Percussion Lab – Dausteg – Galleri Nord Norge – Harstad 260610.

Dausteg in the Arctic Circle

Spykidelic Writes:

Dausteg aka Tony F Wilson (Spykidelic) & Are Mokkelbost (Single Unit) will be providing sound for an installation by the Norwegian artist Børre Sæthre at 14.00 on June 26th at Galleri Nord-Norge in Harstad Norway. The event is part of the annual  Festspillene i Nord-Norge festival in Norway’s far North.

Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa

Spykidelic Writes:

Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa is my second mix for my friends Type Records:

“Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa (Sulfur Clouds over Northern Europe) was
put together as volcanic dust clouds from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull
volcano were descending over Northern Europe, grounding air fleet and
leaving much of Iceland covered in black ash. Much of the mix does
include music from Northern European but there’s no theme as such,
just a bunch of stuff I like that seemed to work in sequence.”

Wonder: What
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet: Lady in the Radiator Song
Wiley & Danny Weed: Thai Weed (Devil Mix)
Radiophonic Worskhop (Phil Young): The Artist Speaks
Sly & Lenky: Now Thing
Kraftwerk: Tanzmuzik
Abstract Elements: Abysmal Depths
Autechre: Laughing Quarter
Wiley: Ground Zero (Devil Mix)
Caustic Window: On the Romance Tip
Section 25: Looking From a Hilltop
Blancmange: On Our Way To?
Drexciya: Soul of the Sea
La Dusseldorf: Koksknodel
Locust: It Is Called Peace
Experimental Audio Research: California Nocturne
Salem: Frost

Dausteg: Animism Vs A.I (Live in Riga 19/2/10)

Spykidelic Writes:

On February 19th 2010, Dausteg (Tony F Wilson and Are Mokkelbost) traveled to Riga to play what was supposed to be a support slot for fellow countrymen Supersilent. However, Supersilent canceled on the day but Dausteg went ahead at a different venue than planned. This Dausteg, which was themed on Animism Vs Artificial Intelligence, took place at Riga’s fantastic Dirty Deal Cafe venue. Grab it here Dausteg: Animism Vs A.I

Dausteg & Supersilent in Riga

Dausteg Riga

Spykidelic Writes:

Dausteg returns on 19th February 2010 in Riga, latvia at Spīķeru Koncertzālē, following a concert by Norway’s incredible Supersilent

The theme of this Dausteg is Animism Vs Artificial Intelligence which will encompass everything from Lee Perry’s Super Ape and Oskar Sala’s synthesized birdsong through to atavistic Metal and Kraftwerk and Drexciya’s wet-dreams of electric sheep.

Spykidelic Typecast

Dausteg Photo

Spykidelic Says

Being a mix I recorded for Type Records; home to excellent Black-Ambient projects such as Svarte Greiner, Grouper and Yellow Swans:

Spykidelic – Daugsteg by _type

This mix was basically a practice run by myself for the Dausteg event which took place on September 10th 2009 at Jakob Kulturkirken (Jakob Culture Church) in Oslo. Dausteg is an irregular club concept between me and Norwegian sound and visual artist Are Mokkelbost: I’m an ex-raver from South London with an interest in Norse metal and Are’s kind of the opposite. The night on the 10th was produced in conjunction with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival who enabled us to book Mount Kimbie, Mick Barr (Ocrilim/Orthrelm/Krallice) and Oslo Noise/Hip Hop collective Tri-Function Million to play live alongside us DJing.”

Emperor: Towards the Pantheon
Dom & Roland: The Planets
Sunn (Featuring Malefic and John Wiese): Coma Mirror
Loefah: Mud
Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
Peverelist: Junktion (Shed Remix)
Suicide: Dream Baby Dream
Peverelist: Clunk Click Every Trip
Spatial: 70810
Hate: Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North
Dark Throne: Translivanian Hunger
Anstam: Brom
Joker: Digi Design
Julee Cruise: Falling
Benga: Electro Scratch
Anti-Pop Consortium: Ghostlawns (lfo Mix)
Joker: Gully Brook Lane
Jimmy Edgar: Pret-a-Porter