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King Cannibal – Aragami Style… The Teknoist Remix

Ad Noiseam,  I hope you are used to that label name as it will be getting used around here a fair bit in the near future.

Miike Teknoist contacted me last year about putting together a remix of Aragami Style, i think originally planned as part of a mix cd. I’m happy to say the release has found a home in the form of The Teknoist’s  new album ‘Trainwreck  Magnetism‘ which is available on Ad Noiseam. A tightly clenched fist of an album containing original solo tracks and remixes. Mu-Ziq, Drumcorps Hecq & Exillion also get the Trainwreck treatment. As said on the press release “The Teknoist drives one of his main points home again: however hard his music might be, it’s a world apart from just throwing fast beats around, but requires a lot of open mindedness and care. ”

Available on both CD and digital download NOW

“The Teknoist is back, and he has a posse. “Trainwreck Magnetism” not only gathers the newest composition by one of the rare musicians who can combine the words “breakcore” and “pristine”, but also his remixes for high profile friends such as Drumcorps, King Cannibal, Hecq and others. It’s hard (very), sometimes dark, often angry, but also particularly varied. A highly rewarding album which satisfy both the urge to thrash around and the need for carefully crafted music, The Teknoist’s new full-length is another crown for this pillar of the breakcore and hardcore sounds.”

King Cannibal appearance at De Spot, Middelburg cancelled.


It’s with sad news that i have to announce that my appearance at De Spot, Middelburg this Friday (15th of April) has been cancelled. From my understanding the show will still go ahead with Knalpot (but best to check for details) and we will try and rearrange the show for the near future. I never take cancelling an appearance lightly as i appreciate every gig i’m offered and a lot of work goes in both from the promoters and the booking agents. I also would never want to toy with the feelings of anyone who bought a ticket to a show. If you follow me on twitter you may well have noticed some upset messages from me of late. The health of an immediate family member has been deteriorating and the emergency surgery has to be performed. Needless to say my place is here, at home for this event.

King Cannibal at Bar MC2, Grenoble


This Saturday i return to Bar MC2 in Grenoble, Particularly looking forward to delivering a killer set their as i met some particularly nice people there last time i played. If the flyer here is black and grey rather than the black and red as it should be please click on it – i’m not sure why it is showing up incorrectly.

09 April at 23:30 – 10 April at 05:30


facebook event page.

Video Horror Show


Whilst browsing Diabolikdvd i stumbled across a strange looking VHS titled Video Horror Show Vol.2, a product boasting to be a 15 min witch house track created as an original score for this haunted tape, on blue vhs no less. What can i say, i was drawn to digging out more. are behind these superb limited tapes, Each seeming to be different exercises of cutting up all kinds of visual dark matter and pairing the footage which a variety of aural sludge (and i say that in total compliment) focussing on an act per tape. Think of them as in home installations, designed to make your TV twist and moan like it was in Videodrome. These make great companions with last year’s Jigoku by Lovely Jon and The Cherrystones, more focussed on italian bloodlust, goats and Barbara Bouchet than the Clouzot kinetic art and vintage  region 3 of Jigoku.

This speaks to us here at Godsofwar on all levels so we URGE to investigate and CONSUME. They have a membership option allowing a year’s subscription over on their site , or you can still pick up The Five Wounds

Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse King Cannibal remix.


This doesn’t really need words. Just a link from where to buy the album.

Bludcot Chartattack


Here is a chart i put together for Mixmag a few weeks ago, it slipped my mind to mention it previously. By way of recompense i have given myself 3 Hail Marys and 5 Halie Selassies.

Amon Tobin – Chaos Theory Remix : Splinter Cell 3D


If you head over to Ninja Tune’s Ninjashop you can hear samples from Amon Tobin’s forthcoming ‘Chaos Theory Remix’ album. I was honoured to be asked to be part of the project and for these to be the third and forth remixes i’ve completed of Amon’s works. Other remixes come from Kid Koala, Lorn, Eskmo, the Qemists and the man himself. Come take a listen. I’ve you’ve been to any King Cannibal show in the last 5 months you’ll know doubt have heard my remix of The Lighthouse already, when i’ve a fully developed av show i look forward to playing Theme From Battery,