Smile when it hertz the most


Bong-Ra Vs King Cannibal


Don’t forget kids… My ‘All Of The Colours Of The Night’ EP is now out digitally. Vinyl should be hitting shelves very very shortly.


Big Bristol show – Mongrel Vs Agro

Kon & Amir present “50 Greatest Samples in Hip Hop History”


Hexstatic – Trailer Trax & Video Mix

On Solid Steel this week Hexstatic celebrate the release of their ‘Trailer Trax’ album and also supply us with another video mix based on the accompanying AV show. Taking it’s lead from the cheese of drive-in cinema trailers, ‘Grindhouse’ style movies and those Saturday Morning Cinema shorts of all our youths,..we see and hear these elements sliced and diced with techno, dubstep, dancehall and drum and bass rhythms into a whipped up frenzy that’s ‘now available in the foyer!’
See ‘The Mighty Gammera’ destroy Tokyo in a flash, ‘Galaxy Invaders’ scare
rednecks with ill fitting plastic suits…See an ‘Embryo’ grow in a
day,…learn some ‘Skateboard Sense’.. and don’t forget to have a drink in
our ‘Hollywood Bar’ at intermission! Mix in some other favorites from the likes of The Prodigy, Akira Kiteshi and DJ Hazard and you have one Blockbuster of a mix!

‘Trailer Trax’ released 24th may 2010. Purchase the full album from
Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon disk on demand and get the free download link for
this iPod compatible video mix!

You can find the track list and catch up with all the latest shows, video mixes, photos and club news at the Solid Steel website.


KING CANNIBAL SAYS…. “Twenty years! Twenty fu*king years!? That’s a long time for anything,but for an independent record label it’s aeons. So yes, we are going to make a fuss. Yes, we are going to celebrate.” For the announcement of Ninja’s impending 20 year birthday i’ve put together a few mixes to accompany trailers. You might be forgiven for not noticing my involvement as my name hasn’t been creditted to them.  The first was a 30 second megamix (which stretched out to being 39 seconds… my bad) which i did going in blind – i hadn’t seen any visuals by then and they were then placed over the mix and used as an initial teaser trailer…

The Second and newest mix that accompanied the press announcement of the Ninja Tune XX boxset and launch of the website . On this occasion i had the video and a mix already existing for it, and  job was to create a new mix, better hooked in with the visuals. Working this way worked a lot more in my favour allowing me to hook events in the video together with the audio which i think makes for a better trailer.

Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa

Spykidelic Writes:

Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa is my second mix for my friends Type Records:

“Svovelskyer over Nord-Europa (Sulfur Clouds over Northern Europe) was
put together as volcanic dust clouds from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull
volcano were descending over Northern Europe, grounding air fleet and
leaving much of Iceland covered in black ash. Much of the mix does
include music from Northern European but there’s no theme as such,
just a bunch of stuff I like that seemed to work in sequence.”

Wonder: What
David Lynch & Alan R. Splet: Lady in the Radiator Song
Wiley & Danny Weed: Thai Weed (Devil Mix)
Radiophonic Worskhop (Phil Young): The Artist Speaks
Sly & Lenky: Now Thing
Kraftwerk: Tanzmuzik
Abstract Elements: Abysmal Depths
Autechre: Laughing Quarter
Wiley: Ground Zero (Devil Mix)
Caustic Window: On the Romance Tip
Section 25: Looking From a Hilltop
Blancmange: On Our Way To?
Drexciya: Soul of the Sea
La Dusseldorf: Koksknodel
Locust: It Is Called Peace
Experimental Audio Research: California Nocturne
Salem: Frost

Extra Montreal date announced……

New Montreal date announced…

Thu 2/4 Montreal @ Passeport ……

King Cannibal & Synkro

Passeport 2037 Saint-Deni

If you enjoyed Igloofest but could do without the drunked mic skils from myself this could be the very thing your looking for.