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King Cannibal – Aragami Style… The Teknoist Remix

Ad Noiseam,  I hope you are used to that label name as it will be getting used around here a fair bit in the near future.

Miike Teknoist contacted me last year about putting together a remix of Aragami Style, i think originally planned as part of a mix cd. I’m happy to say the release has found a home in the form of The Teknoist’s  new album ‘Trainwreck  Magnetism‘ which is available on Ad Noiseam. A tightly clenched fist of an album containing original solo tracks and remixes. Mu-Ziq, Drumcorps Hecq & Exillion also get the Trainwreck treatment. As said on the press release “The Teknoist drives one of his main points home again: however hard his music might be, it’s a world apart from just throwing fast beats around, but requires a lot of open mindedness and care. ”

Available on both CD and digital download NOW

“The Teknoist is back, and he has a posse. “Trainwreck Magnetism” not only gathers the newest composition by one of the rare musicians who can combine the words “breakcore” and “pristine”, but also his remixes for high profile friends such as Drumcorps, King Cannibal, Hecq and others. It’s hard (very), sometimes dark, often angry, but also particularly varied. A highly rewarding album which satisfy both the urge to thrash around and the need for carefully crafted music, The Teknoist’s new full-length is another crown for this pillar of the breakcore and hardcore sounds.”

Video Horror Show


Whilst browsing Diabolikdvd i stumbled across a strange looking VHS titled Video Horror Show Vol.2, a product boasting to be a 15 min witch house track created as an original score for this haunted tape, on blue vhs no less. What can i say, i was drawn to digging out more. are behind these superb limited tapes, Each seeming to be different exercises of cutting up all kinds of visual dark matter and pairing the footage which a variety of aural sludge (and i say that in total compliment) focussing on an act per tape. Think of them as in home installations, designed to make your TV twist and moan like it was in Videodrome. These make great companions with last year’s Jigoku by Lovely Jon and The Cherrystones, more focussed on italian bloodlust, goats and Barbara Bouchet than the Clouzot kinetic art and vintage  region 3 of Jigoku.

This speaks to us here at Godsofwar on all levels so we URGE to investigate and CONSUME. They have a membership option allowing a year’s subscription over on their site , or you can still pick up The Five Wounds

Smut & Bass interview, Ninja XX documentary and being a loser.


So the end of 2010 is near and the blogs are full of round-ups and best of lists whilst the record shops take a breather from new releases. Last weekend saw my final two gigs of the year, at the Ninja XX after party at Concord 2 in Brighton and The Way Of The Ninja album launch at the Rhythm Factory in East London. Thanks to everyone who came out for the shows, extra thanks to those who mobbed out the launch making it  strictly one in one out on the door and going nothing short of buckwild on the dancefloor.

Wednesday night saw me attending my first ever album launch as The Way Of The Ninja was up for DJ Mag’s Best Of British 2010 : best compilation award. I had stiff competition up against big names like Scuba and dBridge & instra:mental (who have been particularly influential to me this year) and wasn’t surprised to miss out to  Autonomic Fabric 50. Congratulations guys. Also congratulations to Bonobo who won for Best Album and Ninja Tune for Best Label (so i guess i had a default win of sorts).

Before i head off to New Zealand tomorrow for a break over the christmas & new year period (i’ve got a large number of press interviews lines up for my stay, so if your in that part of the world stay tuned to your local favourite stations) i completed an interview for Miami crew Smut & Bass. Its fairly long and spills the beans a bit on how my second album is taking shape and what sounds you can expect as well as the thought process on my Blackout track and general production talk. You can check the piece out HERE.

NTSH London have put together a 15 minute documentary and behind the scenes piece on Ninja’s big XX show at Ewer Street earlier in the year. Its the best little doc i’ve seen on the label tied in to the 20th birthday – and i’m not just saying that as i feature quite heavily. honest.

With that being all things 2010 you can get a glimpse of 2011 with my remix of Memory9’s  new single feat Juakali (whom i have also recently collaborated with) on Data Transmissions 2010 round up mix (podcast 075) which you can check out HERE or on soundcloud below. Whilst my material in the past has been very focussed on deep round low end and sharp high frequencies i decided to experiment with a ‘flatter’ sound for this, typical in more modern productions.

How was Ninja XX?


I think the three days in a little bus caught up  with me, i only had one beer that night but manager to kill my wrist and knee tripping up over something backstage and then hurt them even more when i threw myself to the floor whilst playing.
Out of the three days Dorian Concept really blew me away. I didn’t know what to expect but rocking that half broken Microkorg so amazingly hard really elevated him WAY beyond people like Rustie and the over ‘wonksters’ (sorry guys… he wins.)
The other moment that will stick with me was the cake being brought on stage at La Machine and being presented to Coldcut and Ninja Tune boss Peter Quike whilst Kid Koala cut up Happy Birthday. Also seeing Daedelus instructing Dorain Concept on how to throw the perfect punch whilst backstage in Paris and hearing Poirier reaching back to his Chocolate Industry days for parts of his set in Brussels were high points.
As for my london set – there was crazy tech issues… i think the way forward is solidstate harddrvies. Too much bass screws with my gear and there was at least 2 double subs on stage for monitoring. BUT we got their in the end with only a short 2 minute cd break, Very happy i got people to do a Collings & Herring style ‘aboo’ directed at Daedelus. He loves you really… obviously the sweetest chap in music wouldn’t call ‘all london crowds c*nts’! Props to Dorian Concept for bum rushing the stage too. haha…
anyway.. time to heal some bones for me i reckon.

Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces


The first in Ninja’s 20th birthday products has hit the stores in the form of Black Dog Publishing’s Ninja Tune : 20 Years of Beats & Pieces. Written by Stevie Chick with design and input from Openmind.

To Celebrate the release Black Dog Space is presenting the exhibition ‘Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces’. This will be the first exhibition in the UK dedicated to Ninja Tune and its offshoot labels.

Bringing together ephemera from two decades of Ninja Tune for the first time, the exhibition features posters, original drawings, paintings and 3D models and artwork from Ninja and its subsidiary labels, many never seen before outside of the Ninja offices; alongside a huge collection of flyers, stickers, special pressings, merchandise, promotional items, tour laminates, LP and CD sleeves, artwork, esoterica and more.

In the final week of the exhibition, Black Dog will open a one day Ninja pop-up shop, selling many items of merchandise and music at discounted prices, including posters, clothing, rare promo CDs and other miscellanea.

20th August – 16 September 2010
Mon – Fri, 12-5pm
Black Dog Space
10a Acton St,
London WC1X 9NG

Coming this November…

Ninja Tune XX presents…



“King Cannibal’s landmark mix album ‘The Way Of The Ninja’ featuring over 250 Ninja Tune tracks.”

Crackdown 2


I’m happy to say that my fist slice of video game music is out now! I won’t go in to the specifics of Crackdown 2, the X-Box game itself but the tracklisting is notable indeed. The Bug, El-B, Dan The Automator and plenty more tackle punk & alt classics such as Public Enemy, The Damned, 7 Seconds and The Afflicted. A Full tracklisting can be found HERE. I’ve uploaded a snippet of my first version of the Smash It Up remix,  the final version on the release is v.5 and was boiled down to keep drop outs to a minimum as well as a ton of breaks added. I do still really like this initial version still, hence me wanting people to hear it. Also this sort of thing may shed a little light on the process involved in working in this environment, as i say i completed 5 versions before Microsoft felt like it was 100% correct for the game and scene it features in. I did also attempt a remix of The Afflicted’s ‘Here Come The Cops’ and have to congratulate El-B on being able to work with the source material.   Aragami Style & A Shining Force also feature in game.

The Damned – Smash It Up, King Cannibal Remix v.1 by King Cannibal 3