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Kmag Cannibalism


Kmag are currently featuring an interview with me taken last week regarding recent events, the All The Colours Of The Night, what is next and more. You can check it out here.


Smut & Bass interview, Ninja XX documentary and being a loser.


So the end of 2010 is near and the blogs are full of round-ups and best of lists whilst the record shops take a breather from new releases. Last weekend saw my final two gigs of the year, at the Ninja XX after party at Concord 2 in Brighton and The Way Of The Ninja album launch at the Rhythm Factory in East London. Thanks to everyone who came out for the shows, extra thanks to those who mobbed out the launch making it  strictly one in one out on the door and going nothing short of buckwild on the dancefloor.

Wednesday night saw me attending my first ever album launch as The Way Of The Ninja was up for DJ Mag’s Best Of British 2010 : best compilation award. I had stiff competition up against big names like Scuba and dBridge & instra:mental (who have been particularly influential to me this year) and wasn’t surprised to miss out to  Autonomic Fabric 50. Congratulations guys. Also congratulations to Bonobo who won for Best Album and Ninja Tune for Best Label (so i guess i had a default win of sorts).

Before i head off to New Zealand tomorrow for a break over the christmas & new year period (i’ve got a large number of press interviews lines up for my stay, so if your in that part of the world stay tuned to your local favourite stations) i completed an interview for Miami crew Smut & Bass. Its fairly long and spills the beans a bit on how my second album is taking shape and what sounds you can expect as well as the thought process on my Blackout track and general production talk. You can check the piece out HERE.

NTSH London have put together a 15 minute documentary and behind the scenes piece on Ninja’s big XX show at Ewer Street earlier in the year. Its the best little doc i’ve seen on the label tied in to the 20th birthday – and i’m not just saying that as i feature quite heavily. honest.

With that being all things 2010 you can get a glimpse of 2011 with my remix of Memory9’s  new single feat Juakali (whom i have also recently collaborated with) on Data Transmissions 2010 round up mix (podcast 075) which you can check out HERE or on soundcloud below. Whilst my material in the past has been very focussed on deep round low end and sharp high frequencies i decided to experiment with a ‘flatter’ sound for this, typical in more modern productions.

X-fm’s The Remix Guest Co-Presenter Special


A couple of weeks ago i was lucky enough to find myself once again waiting in Xfm’s reception spying at Jamie Theakston and a host of other morning show presenters i’m less familiar with – ahh i love the small of shared Xfm studios in the morning.

This time i was armed with a freshly burned Cd of tunes prepared for a soundclash with Eddy Temple Morris. To Celebrate 10 mighty years of The Remix Eddy has been inviting some of his biggest inspirations to share an hour of the show with him, play some tunes and shoot the breeze.

I feature on Fridays’ show along side the legend that is Jagz Kooner and Hadouken. I was fotunate enough to get an ULTRA exclusive new track from The Bug (no planned release date for this one yet) to premier on the show alongside a new one from myself mixed down only a few hours before we recorded the show. I even managed to crowbar some Anthrax in to the show. Bonus!

I’ll be doing my best to sort out a recording of the broadcast but as i’m away playing at Wrong Music in Brighton that night i may miss out.

The Poland Report.


Big respect to the people in Poland who came and checked my shows out over the last two weeks.

Warsaw on the 7th, Wroclaw on the 13th and the highlight that was Bytom on the 14th. Great parties, hosted by great promoters and rammed full of great people. I had trouble packing my stuff up off the stage on the 14th due to people keep asking me to pose for photographs with them and i even had a few autograph requests, somewhat or a rarity. Playing along side Igor from fellow Ninja’s Skalpel was also a pleasure, such a humble fellow. Big thanks to Wojtek for the photographs (more of which can be seen on facebook or myspace) and also the visual artist whos name currently escapes me, he also provided most of the visuals for the Nowa Muzyka Festival earlier this year, i’m gutted the only chance i’ll get to see his work is from stills taken on the night as it does look amazing. Apologies to Marcin Kuligowski for never getting round to displaying his fan made poster for the 13th.

On the subject of posters it was equally very cool and very unnerving to see quite so many posters around with my mug splashed across them. Hopefully i’ll make it back over soon as i have caught a fair amount of press over in Poland (a lot of that down to Anna at Jazzclub). I’m not sure why Poland in particular has picked up on the album, maybe its the post industrial setting. One of the most amazing parts of the stint(s) was talking to Ola, partner of Fillip co-promoting Warsaw’s show. Its rare i get the chance to meet anyone who has actually worked in film, let alone starred alongside Steven Seagal.

The subject of area and influenced was touched upon in an interview i had this morning for The Quietus. A very long talk that seemed to fly by for me. As time progresses in this promotional drive for Let The Night Roar i’m starting to settle in to the idea of the interview now, maybe its because i’ve had more time to reflect upon the ideas behind the album and i’ve a better grip on my thoughts, lets just hope its not because i’m starting to enjoy hearing the sound of my own voice. I’ll pop a link up here when The Quietus piece goes live.

King Cannibal on Xfm Wedsday 14th



John Kennedy’s X-posure show this coming Wednesday (the 14th) will be featuring an exclusive mix and live phone chat with yours truly. 

the Show airs between 22.00 – 02.00 and my section should be around the mid-point about midnight. Don’t forget if you can not receive the station on your radio or stream it online you can always check it out on Sky, personally i find that option easiest.

Vapors & Stool Pigeon Magazine Features


Point your browser to Vapor Magazine to find a short Q&A with myself

Also the new edition of free press magazine Stool Pigeon is out now and contains a more wordy feature on me, i’ve yet to see it but if the pleasant and lengthy phone chat is anything to go by it will be very informative. If anyone happens on a copy please let me know!

Xfm-All Time Top Ten Mix & Interview DL



Two versions of the All Time Top Ten XFM session i recorded are now available , both the original 10 minute mix i submitted and the broadcast mix and interview which clocks in at about 16 minutes. Massive thanks to Eddy and his team.

download the All Time Top Ten Mix

download the All Time Top Ten Mix as broadcast with interview

tracklisting… (more…)