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Free King Cannibal – Opening The Crypt Door

Upon recently observing it was 10 years since my first ever release . I decided it was time to go back and upon up the vaults. Upon finding some mashups even i had forgotten about i thought i’d upload them to soundcloud and share. There are currently a free download link for these, but as ever these things are always limited.

The first was created around the time of Grinted Teeth & Brawlsville and is a hidden track on that CD, from back around 2005.

The Second is from slightly later yet carrying on the vibe of southern hospitality. Master P Vs Funkarma.

Free Ad Noiseam Summer 2011 Label Compilation (inc King Cannibal)


Volume 4 of the label label compilations series, with a new selection of 14 tracks. As usual, a CDR copy is given with each purchase from the Ad Noiseam online store. This digital version intends on being an way to check out and discover some sounds you might have missed. (Download the free version / Buy the high resolution version)

All the tracks on this compilation are taken from Ad Noiseam releases.

A bandwidth-friendly version of this compilation can be downloaded for free . However, if you enjoy these tracks, remember that you can purchase the CD or records from which these tracks are taken from the Ad Noiseam online store. A higher-resolution version of this compilation (with all tracks encoded at 320 Kbs) can also be purchased from Ad Noiseam, to support the artists and this label.

Half a Euro on each purchase of the high resolution version is given to Amnesty International.

01. Semiomime: Theorem , taken from “From Memory” – adn139
02. Raoul Sinier: She’s A Lord, taken from “Guilty Cloaks” – adn146
03. King Cannibal feat. Jahcoozi: Murder Us (remix by Dead Fader), taken from “All The Colours Of The Night” – adn140
04. The Teknoist: Kitsunegari, taken from“Trainwreck Magnetism” – adn145
05. Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker: Kora, taken from“Fraktals” – adn142
06. Wormskull: Nosebleed, taken from “Sound Of Hell” – adn144
07. Hecate: Dysfunction (remix by White Darkness), taken from “Brew Hideous Remixes” – adn143
08. Matta: Release The Freq, taken from “Prototype” – adn138
09. Mobthrow: Desert City Rising, taken from“Mobthrow” – adn141
10. Subheim: Streets, taken from “No Land Called Home” – adn133
11. Broken Note: Flood, taken from “Flood” – adn134
12. Black Lung: The First Tender Cut, taken from“The Soul Consumer” – adn136
13. Igorrr: Excessive Funeral, taken from “Nostril” – adn132
14. Bong-Ra: Cyclops, taken from “Monster” – adn131

Free Download : Ninja Tune XX Edits

After the release of the Way Of The Ninja mix late last year i was asked to put together some extended standalone edits of a couple highlights to send out to radio. Too good to waste the lovely people at Big Up Magazine (hey what happened to that really long interview i did when i was in SF about this time last year? ) are offering downloads of the two tracks below.

Wiley – Bow E3 (King Cannibal’s XX Edit)

Daedelus Vs Emika – Retouch Tone (King Cannibal’s Long XX Edit)







Spykidelic Writes

The nice folk at Discrepant asked me to contribute a mix and I happily obliged with my homage to the legendary Starck Club. Listen/Download here

BLÅ OSLO 3.12.10

















On December 3rd 2010 I was fortunate enough to DJ for the second time at a Mount Kimbie concert in Oslo. Their previous visit had been to play mine and Are Mokkelbost’s Dausteg happening in a big church as part of 2009’s Ultima Festival. This time was at Oslo’s BLÅ venue. You can hear a recording of my DJ set here


Coil: Cardinal Points

Salem: Frost

Three Six Mafia: Rainbow Colors

Boards of Canada: June 9th

Demdike Stare: Caged in Stammheim

Balam Acab: See Birds

Seefeel: Lief

Autechre: Rae/Ciara: 1, 2 Step (Accapella)

Dabrye: Walk

Zomby: Digital Flora

Kontext: Falling to Weightlessness

Floating Points: K&G Beat

Oneohtrix Point Never: Hyperdawn

Jam City: Shut the Lights Off (Devil Refix)

Aphex Twin: Ventolin (Probus Mix)

Burial: Pirates

Autechre: See on See

Harmonia: Watussi

Peverelist: Infinity is Now





The Way Of The Ninja poster by Openmind


I’m both happy & excited to present this preview of Openmind’s (Strictly Kev) poster to accompany The Way Of The Ninja mix CD. Pre-Order the CD from the ninjashop to receive a free poster with each order.

Also if you head over to The Way Of The Ninja mini-site you can sign up to my mailing list and get a free download for the mini-mix ‘The 5 Minute Warning – A Ninja Tune Mix‘. This is the project that inspired TWOTN both as research wading through the audio archive for myself and the driving force for Ninja to ask for more.

King Cannibal – The 5 Minute Warning – A Ninja Tune Mix

King Cannibal – Downtime
The Bug ft Warrior Queen – Poison Dart
Bonobo – Eyesdown (Warrior One Remix)
Amon Tobin – One Small Stop
Emika – Drop The Other (Scuba’s Vulpine Remix)
Coldcut – Atomic Moog (Cornelius Remix)
Chocolate Weasel – The Non-Sensical Ramblings Of A Lunatic Mind?
Flanger – Nightbeat 1
Coldcut  – This Island Earth
Coldcut – Space Journey
Daedelus  ft Paperboy & Taz – Touchtone (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Ghislain Poirier ft Face-T – Blazin’ (Modeselektor Remix)
Funki Porcini – Reboot
Two FIngers ft Durrty Goodz – Have It Like That
Dj Kentaro ft Mc Spank Rock – Free (Accapella)
King Cannibal – The Untitled
Hexstatic Ft Juice Aleem – Distorted Minds (Zero dB Remix)
Hexstatic – Hexstatic Mega-Mix (Mixed By Lord Fader)
Hexstatic – Auto
Hexstatic – Pulse
Daedelus  ft Paperboy & Taz Touchtone (accapella)
Wiley – My Mistakes (accapella)
The Herbaliser – Generals (accapella)
The Heavy – How You Like Me Now (Joker Remix)
Ghislain Poirier – Karnival
Hexsatic – Bust
Ghislain Poirier ft MC Zulu – Go Ballistic (Toddla T and Duckbeats Remix)
Spank Rock – Bump (Switch Remix)
Coldcut – Just For The Kick (Original Version)
Emika – Double Edge (Pinch Remix)
Tried By 12 (Squarepusher Remix)
Shuttle – Tunnel (High Rankin Remix)
Flanger – Galak
Two FIngers – Keman Rhythm
Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (John McEntire Tortoise Mix)
Daedelus  ft Paperboy & Taz – Touchtone
The Bug – Poison Dart (Skream Remix)
King Cannibal – Colder Still
DJ Food – Mr. Quicke Cuts The Cheese
Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (Daddy Rips It Up Mix)
Thavius Beck – Painful
Caural – Our Solstice Walk
Prefuse-73 – Radio Attack Pt2 re-edit
DJ Vadim – Help Me
Blackalicious – Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind
Daedelus – Hrs:Mins:Secs (Etan’s Greenwich Mean Report)
Anti-Pop Consortium – Fluorescent Black
Anti-Pop Consortium – Apparently
Funki Porcini – 12 Points Off Your License
Dj Food – Break
The Qemists – Stompbox (Spor Remix)
2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Remix)
Fink – Green
Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces – T-Power Remix
The Qemists – Soundface
The Qemists Ft MC Navigator – Got 1 LIfe
Two Fingers ft Sway – That Girl (Spor remix)
Mr Scruff ft Roots Manuva – Nice Up The Function
Euphoreal — Ride Mix
Amon Tobin – Creatures (Hidden Agenda Defocussed Mix)
Quincy – Bruce Lee MC
DJ Food – Fungle Junk (Lemon D Jazz Excursion Remix)
The Qemists – On The Run (Original Instrumental)
Cujo – Traffic
Amon Tobin – Wires & Snakes
DJ Kentaro – Rainy Day (The Qemists Remix)
Dj Food & DK – We’re Just Getting Started
Hexstatic – Ninja Tune


Spykidelic Writes

My second mix for Resonance FM’s Jonny Mugwump’s Exotic Pyloncast can be found here

Autechre: r ess

Actress: Maze

STL: Cranky

Fennesz: Badminton Girl

Plastikman: In Side

Michael Bundt:  La Chasse Aux Microbes

Floating Points:  Argonaut II

Mount Kimbie: Maybes

Rolf Trostel: Digital Track

Guilty Simpson: For the D (Harmonic 313 Instrumental)

Aardvarck: Afrik Slang

T++: Cropped

Brian Eno: Driving Me Backwards

Jamie Vex’d: Radiant Industry

Oneohtrix Point Never: The Returnal