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Free Ad Noiseam Summer 2011 Label Compilation (inc King Cannibal)


Volume 4 of the label label compilations series, with a new selection of 14 tracks. As usual, a CDR copy is given with each purchase from the Ad Noiseam online store. This digital version intends on being an way to check out and discover some sounds you might have missed. (Download the free version / Buy the high resolution version)

All the tracks on this compilation are taken from Ad Noiseam releases.

A bandwidth-friendly version of this compilation can be downloaded for free . However, if you enjoy these tracks, remember that you can purchase the CD or records from which these tracks are taken from the Ad Noiseam online store. A higher-resolution version of this compilation (with all tracks encoded at 320 Kbs) can also be purchased from Ad Noiseam, to support the artists and this label.

Half a Euro on each purchase of the high resolution version is given to Amnesty International.

01. Semiomime: Theorem , taken from “From Memory” – adn139
02. Raoul Sinier: She’s A Lord, taken from “Guilty Cloaks” – adn146
03. King Cannibal feat. Jahcoozi: Murder Us (remix by Dead Fader), taken from “All The Colours Of The Night” – adn140
04. The Teknoist: Kitsunegari, taken from“Trainwreck Magnetism” – adn145
05. Balkansky & Loop Stepwalker: Kora, taken from“Fraktals” – adn142
06. Wormskull: Nosebleed, taken from “Sound Of Hell” – adn144
07. Hecate: Dysfunction (remix by White Darkness), taken from “Brew Hideous Remixes” – adn143
08. Matta: Release The Freq, taken from “Prototype” – adn138
09. Mobthrow: Desert City Rising, taken from“Mobthrow” – adn141
10. Subheim: Streets, taken from “No Land Called Home” – adn133
11. Broken Note: Flood, taken from “Flood” – adn134
12. Black Lung: The First Tender Cut, taken from“The Soul Consumer” – adn136
13. Igorrr: Excessive Funeral, taken from “Nostril” – adn132
14. Bong-Ra: Cyclops, taken from “Monster” – adn131



As mentioned previously on Gods Of War, our friends over in Berlin at Ad Noiseam are in the throws of celebrating the labels 10th birthday. The final party is due to take place July 9th in Beirut with Broken Note, Igorrr, The Teknoist and Nicolas Chevreux.  Nicolas has put together a guest mix for Eclectro which features Dead Fader’s remix of The King Cannibal track ‘Murder Us’ which is forthcoming on my ‘All The Colours Of The Night’ EP for the label. This is the first time this has been aired aside my live shows from the end of last year.  The mix can be listened to and downloaded here,

1. Wormskull “Woody Strode”, taken from “Sound of Hell” (Ad Noiseam adn144)
2. Mobthrow “Rainwolf”, taken from “Mobthrow” (Ad Noiseam adn141)
3. Funckarma “Nays Of Dight”, taken from “Dubstoned vol. 2″ (Ad Noiseam adn99)
4. Hecq “Sura”, taken from “Sura” (Ad Noiseam adn128)
5. Niveau Zero & Matta “Venom, taken from “Venom” (Komod.o Dragon kod404)
6. Wormskull “Do It!”, taken from “Sound of Hell” (Ad Noiseam adn144)
7. Niveau Zero “Gracilicornis”, taken from “In_Sect” (Ad Noiseam adn129)
8. Enduser “Across”, taken from “Pushing Back” (Ad Noiseam adn67)
9. Enduser “The Cataclyst (remix by DJ Hidden)”, taken from “Pushing Back” (Ad Noiseam adn67)
10. DJ Hidden “The Dreamer”, taken from “The Words Below” (Ad Noiseam adn118)
11. King Cannibal “Murder Us (remix by Dead Fader), taken from “All The Colours Of The Night” (Ad Noiseam adn140)

Dausteg: Music for 2010 NN (Nothing left //) – Bøerre Sæthre

Spykidelic writes

Dausteg (Tony F Wilson: Turntables, Effects/Are Mokkelbost: Laptop, Tenori-On, Effects) were asked by Norwegian artist Børre Sæthre to provide sound for his 2010 NN (Nothing Left //) installation at Galleri Nord Norge in Harstad, Norway. Given the Sci-Fi nature of Sæthre’s work and Harstad’s location 250 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle, the resulting soundtrack is influenced largely by John Carpenter’s The Thing: The duo utilised parts of Ennio Morricone’s original score and other pre-existing sci-fi and horror soundtracks, as well as original compositions by Are Mokkelbost, which forms the main part of this opening segment.

Percussion Lab – Dausteg – Galleri Nord Norge – Harstad 260610.

Remix Flower Of Flesh And Blood..

Want to remix Flower Of Flesh And Blood? The last track from my ‘Let The Night Roar’ out on Ninja Tune late last year? The one that got good reviews? You know…. with the bassline and stuff?

OH … You Do? Excellent.

Check the link below for the mixer stems.

Upload your results and let me hear them, my email address can be found by using the subscribe to mailing list button over there on the top right.


I think in retrospect (this an older file here remember) the stems may be a bit odd, as i recorded out the individual stems of my mixer’s channels… meaning some same sounds can be heard over to different files. Obviously this isn’t ideal so i will try and upload the logic file and bounced audio files too.

Leisure System – The Berghain


5th march….

Flying Lotus

King Cannibal

Mfoc: Raf + Superdefekt


special deeper shit from me….. Right now I’m really happy – some great gigs at great venues coming up this year so far 🙂

Let The Night Roar Official Album Launch


This is going to be a big one, with a special 2 hour set from myself showcasing the best of the album, its influences and a few brand new works i’ve yet to play out (yup, album 2 material on the first album’s launch party) All this alongside Coldcut’s Jon More, new Big Dada signing Offshore and a certain other (very quiet) God Of War. Its going to be a deep dark event.

Plastic People isn’t the biggest of venues and a certain amount of the door will be held back for press & industry folks so PLEASE if you want to go i’d advise booking NOW to avoid disappointment.

You can grab your tickets at this link

Check out the Facebook event here

See the Last.FM event here.

Death Doom and Dubstep Desecration



The last few weeks i’ve picked up a couple of doom / dubstep crossover releases, whilst the tracks are very hit and miss i’m really happy to see that more people are actually putting these sounds together . The current side of dubstep the seem to be pushing things forward at the moment are the more skippy melodic crew, so its good to see the darker half finding new sounds and shapes even if it is only a couple of releases. I’ve coincidentally enough been wrestling with my own 8 minute doom laden dubstep techno track these last few weeks myself tentatively titled ‘The Doooom’ until something better occurs to me (and it can’t include any of the words ‘dark’, ‘night’ or ‘black’ i’ve more than rinsed them enough by now).

Anyway, here are the releases i spotted.

Black Magick Society – Rituals Of Initiation Ep

Neurosis Orchestra – Noir Desire EP