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Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces


The first in Ninja’s 20th birthday products has hit the stores in the form of Black Dog Publishing’s Ninja Tune : 20 Years of Beats & Pieces. Written by Stevie Chick with design and input from Openmind.

To Celebrate the release Black Dog Space is presenting the exhibition ‘Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces’. This will be the first exhibition in the UK dedicated to Ninja Tune and its offshoot labels.

Bringing together ephemera from two decades of Ninja Tune for the first time, the exhibition features posters, original drawings, paintings and 3D models and artwork from Ninja and its subsidiary labels, many never seen before outside of the Ninja offices; alongside a huge collection of flyers, stickers, special pressings, merchandise, promotional items, tour laminates, LP and CD sleeves, artwork, esoterica and more.

In the final week of the exhibition, Black Dog will open a one day Ninja pop-up shop, selling many items of merchandise and music at discounted prices, including posters, clothing, rare promo CDs and other miscellanea.

20th August – 16 September 2010
Mon – Fri, 12-5pm
Black Dog Space
10a Acton St,
London WC1X 9NG

Dausteg: Music for 2010 NN (Nothing left //) – Bøerre Sæthre

Spykidelic writes

Dausteg (Tony F Wilson: Turntables, Effects/Are Mokkelbost: Laptop, Tenori-On, Effects) were asked by Norwegian artist Børre Sæthre to provide sound for his 2010 NN (Nothing Left //) installation at Galleri Nord Norge in Harstad, Norway. Given the Sci-Fi nature of Sæthre’s work and Harstad’s location 250 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle, the resulting soundtrack is influenced largely by John Carpenter’s The Thing: The duo utilised parts of Ennio Morricone’s original score and other pre-existing sci-fi and horror soundtracks, as well as original compositions by Are Mokkelbost, which forms the main part of this opening segment.

Percussion Lab – Dausteg – Galleri Nord Norge – Harstad 260610.

Dausteg & Supersilent in Riga

Dausteg Riga

Spykidelic Writes:

Dausteg returns on 19th February 2010 in Riga, latvia at Spīķeru Koncertzālē, following a concert by Norway’s incredible Supersilent

The theme of this Dausteg is Animism Vs Artificial Intelligence which will encompass everything from Lee Perry’s Super Ape and Oskar Sala’s synthesized birdsong through to atavistic Metal and Kraftwerk and Drexciya’s wet-dreams of electric sheep.

King Cannibal album artwork wallpapers



For desktops, iPhone and PSP. You can all be kitted out to match your fresh purchase.

Again massive thanks have to go to Openmind / Dj Food for both the original design and for piecing these versions together. Lets hope my work mixing his & DK’s Sentinel (Shadow Guard) forthcoming on the new DJ Food EP  is half as good.

Download your desktops HERE.
Alternative download link.

We are now also offering a large scale version of the cover image at print quality. If you were in any way inclined to take something to a print shop for a poster of the album this file would work a treat. 

300 dpi ,66cm x 66cm cover art download.

King Cannibal Desktops coming soon.



The all round genius that is Openmind / Strictly Kev / Dj Food is currently retouching the Let The Night Roar artwork to fit in with all your desktop needs.


“Various King Cannibal desktop wallpapers in progress. There’ll be a big post about the artwork soon as the album drops on Monday and hopefully a big pdf file of the cover will be available to you all so that you’ll be able to see it in all it’s pervy, fetishistic glory.”

We hope to have the download ready very soon maybe even for the Monday release date.