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The Quietus x Blackmaps Podcast

Spykidelic Writes

The blackmaps record label/arts enterprise (which I’m loosely associated with due to label founder Stuart Souter being an old friend and player in Knives ov Resistance) asked me for a mix, which we were then lucky enough to get hosted on the truly excellent Quietus web magazine. Features Juked-Up TG and Stereolab and a Kraut/Jungle clash. Listen here.








Spykidelic Writes

The nice folk at Discrepant asked me to contribute a mix and I happily obliged with my homage to the legendary Starck Club. Listen/Download here

BLÅ OSLO 3.12.10

















On December 3rd 2010 I was fortunate enough to DJ for the second time at a Mount Kimbie concert in Oslo. Their previous visit had been to play mine and Are Mokkelbost’s Dausteg happening in a big church as part of 2009’s Ultima Festival. This time was at Oslo’s BLÅ venue. You can hear a recording of my DJ set here


Coil: Cardinal Points

Salem: Frost

Three Six Mafia: Rainbow Colors

Boards of Canada: June 9th

Demdike Stare: Caged in Stammheim

Balam Acab: See Birds

Seefeel: Lief

Autechre: Rae/Ciara: 1, 2 Step (Accapella)

Dabrye: Walk

Zomby: Digital Flora

Kontext: Falling to Weightlessness

Floating Points: K&G Beat

Oneohtrix Point Never: Hyperdawn

Jam City: Shut the Lights Off (Devil Refix)

Aphex Twin: Ventolin (Probus Mix)

Burial: Pirates

Autechre: See on See

Harmonia: Watussi

Peverelist: Infinity is Now






Spykidelic Writes

My second mix for Resonance FM’s Jonny Mugwump’s Exotic Pyloncast can be found here

Autechre: r ess

Actress: Maze

STL: Cranky

Fennesz: Badminton Girl

Plastikman: In Side

Michael Bundt:  La Chasse Aux Microbes

Floating Points:  Argonaut II

Mount Kimbie: Maybes

Rolf Trostel: Digital Track

Guilty Simpson: For the D (Harmonic 313 Instrumental)

Aardvarck: Afrik Slang

T++: Cropped

Brian Eno: Driving Me Backwards

Jamie Vex’d: Radiant Industry

Oneohtrix Point Never: The Returnal

Necessary: Voldsløkka

Spykidelic Writes

After various trials and tribulations Voldsløkka, the debut album release from Necessary (of whom I am a member), will be released by Ohm Resistance
on September 14th.Voldsløkka will be available in all formats including digitally and was played by myself, legendary former Swans and Prong drummer
Ted Parsons; M. Hansen, Andreas Mork and Markus O Klyve. Godflesh and Jesu mastermind Justin K. Broadrick produced it. My partner in Dausteg Are Mokkelbost
did the sleeve artwork.

Dausteg: Music for 2010 NN (Nothing left //) – Bøerre Sæthre

Spykidelic writes

Dausteg (Tony F Wilson: Turntables, Effects/Are Mokkelbost: Laptop, Tenori-On, Effects) were asked by Norwegian artist Børre Sæthre to provide sound for his 2010 NN (Nothing Left //) installation at Galleri Nord Norge in Harstad, Norway. Given the Sci-Fi nature of Sæthre’s work and Harstad’s location 250 kilometres North of the Arctic Circle, the resulting soundtrack is influenced largely by John Carpenter’s The Thing: The duo utilised parts of Ennio Morricone’s original score and other pre-existing sci-fi and horror soundtracks, as well as original compositions by Are Mokkelbost, which forms the main part of this opening segment.

Percussion Lab – Dausteg – Galleri Nord Norge – Harstad 260610.

Dausteg in the Arctic Circle

Spykidelic Writes:

Dausteg aka Tony F Wilson (Spykidelic) & Are Mokkelbost (Single Unit) will be providing sound for an installation by the Norwegian artist Børre Sæthre at 14.00 on June 26th at Galleri Nord-Norge in Harstad Norway. The event is part of the annual  Festspillene i Nord-Norge festival in Norway’s far North.