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Acid Crash

Emika posts…

This is dope. Thanks to this guy (also has brilliant mixes) for showing me the link, danke lieber Matze!

Another great Frau

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Daphne Oram : A life in pictures

“Oram started working at the BBC in 1943 as a balancing engineer when she was just 18. It took her several years to persuade bosses to set up a workshop devoted to creating innovative new techniques for background music and soundtracks.”

Check out her frocks! 

She also produced some great work in her time.

Go Delia!

Emika posts…

“A hidden hoard of recordings made by the electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme has been revealed – including a dance track 20 years ahead of its time….”

For those of you not familiar with Delia, she is great. Definitely check her out.

This is a brilliant website

Emika Reckons…

Go check it and get informed.