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Remixes update… Scorn and Robot Koch


A little update on other releases aside of The Way Of The Ninja.

Scorn – Super Mantis (King Cannibal Remix) : Combat Recordings 12″ & Digital Download out now.

Constructed in my pre-Ninja Tune days (checking the original file name it was labelled ‘ZILLA’ remix – which must make this the last thing i did still using that name. It was an honour to tackle the proto bass music pioneer.
V/A – Friends Of Friends Volume 3 (FoF) : 12″ & Digital Download out now.
Including Robot Koch Ft Jahcoozi – Overnight (King Cannibal Remix)

L.A. based Friends Of Friends releases the third of its on-going split release series. Jahcoozi’s Robot Koch and Mexicans With Guns are the two artists heading up this volume.
King Cannibal & Sasha Perera hook up once again!

Coincidentally much like my work on our first hook up, this one fell after a trip to Berlin, hooking up with Jahcoozi’s gifted front woman Sasha Perera and a night out at the Berghain (which this time i was lucky enough to be playing at).  So much like ‘Murder Us’ this continues the dark house/techno sound, this time a little looser and a lot more closer and darker in feel. Please note that this remix is only on the digital package. Other remixes on the release come care of Alex B, Free the Robots, Mux Mool, Salva and Lunice.
Look out for forthcoming remixes of Machine Code, Memory 9 and more…

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