Smile when it hertz the most

How was Ninja XX?


I think the three days in a little bus caught up  with me, i only had one beer that night but manager to kill my wrist and knee tripping up over something backstage and then hurt them even more when i threw myself to the floor whilst playing.
Out of the three days Dorian Concept really blew me away. I didn’t know what to expect but rocking that half broken Microkorg so amazingly hard really elevated him WAY beyond people like Rustie and the over ‘wonksters’ (sorry guys… he wins.)
The other moment that will stick with me was the cake being brought on stage at La Machine and being presented to Coldcut and Ninja Tune boss Peter Quike whilst Kid Koala cut up Happy Birthday. Also seeing Daedelus instructing Dorain Concept on how to throw the perfect punch whilst backstage in Paris and hearing Poirier reaching back to his Chocolate Industry days for parts of his set in Brussels were high points.
As for my london set – there was crazy tech issues… i think the way forward is solidstate harddrvies. Too much bass screws with my gear and there was at least 2 double subs on stage for monitoring. BUT we got their in the end with only a short 2 minute cd break, Very happy i got people to do a Collings & Herring style ‘aboo’ directed at Daedelus. He loves you really… obviously the sweetest chap in music wouldn’t call ‘all london crowds c*nts’! Props to Dorian Concept for bum rushing the stage too. haha…
anyway.. time to heal some bones for me i reckon.

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