Smile when it hertz the most

on the road for Ninja XX shows this week…


Wednesday night i set off for a few days on the Ninja tour bus stopping off in Brussels on 30th for the  long sold out Ninja XX show (no flyer pictured – i searched for one, but couldn’t find any) followed by Paris on the 1st (above) and finally back to London on the 2nd for the Ewer Street Car Park. I had my first Ninja show in Berlin at the Icon Saturday which was a straight out joy despite me still being a bit unsure of how to present my material (i’m still stuck in between a live show and a deejay set) . Kev & DK, Bonobo & The Bug all tore it  apart in a way that they do day in and day out. My sets vary in position & length over the course of the shows, so expect a different approach for each.

Please note, Amon is unable to play the european shows due to travel issues. He has been replaced with Fourtet in Paris and Mark Pritchard in London.


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