Smile when it hertz the most

Free Download… King Cannibal – Blackout

King Cannibal – Blackout by King Cannibal 3

Seems like its been a long time since anything with the name King Cannibal hit the shelves doesn’t it? Well there is a big stack of things lined up for the second half of this year including remixes for Robot Koch, Scorn, Machine Code and Amon Tobin, new material on the Ninja XX compilation (The Grind & Crawl) which some of you may recognise from my gigs this year and i’m talking to Ad Noiseam about an E.P of material for them. That is all still just on the horizon though, and what material has been out is featured on the X box title Crackdown 2 (further work on computer games is forthcoming too) so to bridge the gap feel free to grab this little reworking of Todd Terry’s drum & bass track Blackout. inspired by an old One In The Jungle mix (Or was it a Kiss mix?) by Ed Rush that used the Blackout speech, which i’d never heard before. Its quite texturally heavy as i’ve really been enjoying building my sprawling dropouts ( i say that now – i’ll regret it when it comes to playing my next material out.)


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