Smile when it hertz the most

Crackdown 2


I’m happy to say that my fist slice of video game music is out now! I won’t go in to the specifics of Crackdown 2, the X-Box game itself but the tracklisting is notable indeed. The Bug, El-B, Dan The Automator and plenty more tackle punk & alt classics such as Public Enemy, The Damned, 7 Seconds and The Afflicted. A Full tracklisting can be found HERE. I’ve uploaded a snippet of my first version of the Smash It Up remix,  the final version on the release is v.5 and was boiled down to keep drop outs to a minimum as well as a ton of breaks added. I do still really like this initial version still, hence me wanting people to hear it. Also this sort of thing may shed a little light on the process involved in working in this environment, as i say i completed 5 versions before Microsoft felt like it was 100% correct for the game and scene it features in. I did also attempt a remix of The Afflicted’s ‘Here Come The Cops’ and have to congratulate El-B on being able to work with the source material.   Aragami Style & A Shining Force also feature in game.

The Damned – Smash It Up, King Cannibal Remix v.1 by King Cannibal 3


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