Smile when it hertz the most

Hexstatic – Trailer Trax & Video Mix

On Solid Steel this week Hexstatic celebrate the release of their ‘Trailer Trax’ album and also supply us with another video mix based on the accompanying AV show. Taking it’s lead from the cheese of drive-in cinema trailers, ‘Grindhouse’ style movies and those Saturday Morning Cinema shorts of all our youths,..we see and hear these elements sliced and diced with techno, dubstep, dancehall and drum and bass rhythms into a whipped up frenzy that’s ‘now available in the foyer!’
See ‘The Mighty Gammera’ destroy Tokyo in a flash, ‘Galaxy Invaders’ scare
rednecks with ill fitting plastic suits…See an ‘Embryo’ grow in a
day,…learn some ‘Skateboard Sense’.. and don’t forget to have a drink in
our ‘Hollywood Bar’ at intermission! Mix in some other favorites from the likes of The Prodigy, Akira Kiteshi and DJ Hazard and you have one Blockbuster of a mix!

‘Trailer Trax’ released 24th may 2010. Purchase the full album from
Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon disk on demand and get the free download link for
this iPod compatible video mix!

You can find the track list and catch up with all the latest shows, video mixes, photos and club news at the Solid Steel website.


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