Smile when it hertz the most


KING CANNIBAL SAYS…. “Twenty years! Twenty fu*king years!? That’s a long time for anything,but for an independent record label it’s aeons. So yes, we are going to make a fuss. Yes, we are going to celebrate.” For the announcement of Ninja’s impending 20 year birthday i’ve put together a few mixes to accompany trailers. You might be forgiven for not noticing my involvement as my name hasn’t been creditted to them.  The first was a 30 second megamix (which stretched out to being 39 seconds… my bad) which i did going in blind – i hadn’t seen any visuals by then and they were then placed over the mix and used as an initial teaser trailer…

The Second and newest mix that accompanied the press announcement of the Ninja Tune XX boxset and launch of the website . On this occasion i had the video and a mix already existing for it, and  job was to create a new mix, better hooked in with the visuals. Working this way worked a lot more in my favour allowing me to hook events in the video together with the audio which i think makes for a better trailer.


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