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Let The Night Tour pt7 : Seattle

Next stop Seattle. With the tour close to drawing to an end, i’m surprised i haven’t grown weary of flights or experience a whole lot of burn out. Its been a wonderful experience so far, my only regret is not being able to stay longer in New York and some of the west coast cities. I’d happily have traded two days in Baltimore for two extra days browsing the racks at Kims.

The only two things i knew about Seattle are grunge and Fraiser, both showing very different parts of the city. Fraiser immediately sprung to mind as Space Needle loomed ominously over me outside of the hotel room.  One look through a copy of The Stranger a free local arts paper certainly showed me how much more liberal this city was, that liberal attitude also accounts for a lot of vagrants and beggars though, as like a lot of places they are not constantly moved on by the police.

I was in town to play for the Shift label at a venue names Contour. Whilst the promoters and people their were really friendly i had less fun at this gig than probably any other on my U.S run. Playing quite a mixed set currently ranging from my own material through party-ish dubstep, techno and then on to harder sounding dubstep, and drum & bass , i find different crowds really respond best to different parts of my sets. Sometimes they dig the hard stuff the most, sometimes my material… it does vary a lot, and i like it that way. I like a lot of different music and want to show case the sounds i listen to when making what I make. Of course i intend to make these really work for the dancefloor, but i like to show a broad sonic spectrum. Well this time none of it really seemed to stick, i’m not sure why and had a few people approach me afterwards for autographs who really enjoyed the set – it just didn’t seem to go down well with a lot of the crowd. Oh well, everyone has bad gigs, and sometimes i feel like the really amazing amazing nights where i feel like i really capture something only makes the average gigs seem a lot worse. The ironic thing was that technically it was a lot better performance than the Low End Theory one the previous night.


2 responses

  1. I personally enjoyed the hell out of what you plated in Seattle. Absolutely love the steppier sound that I think got lost along the way. Seattle can b estrange sometimes crowd wise and I think a number of people were expecting the usual fare for headliners we bring to shift.. Usually pretty heavy and with that big uk caspa, rusko sound.

    But anyways mad respect and hopefully you’ll make around this way soon



    February 14, 2010 at 4:01 pm

  2. oh no man, i didn’t mean it as a slight on Shift. Sometimes these things just don’t quite work – its not anyones fault really, we are both trying to provide good party music. Maybe next time people will be more familiar with me, i do appreciate a lot of people are going in cold not knowing what to expect…. even then my sets are a bit different to my released music.

    March 2, 2010 at 2:52 am

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