Smile when it hertz the most

Let The Night Tour pt6 : In love with Low End, L.A

Early the next morning we headed back to the airport, the red velour upholstery cocooning us from the cold white snow outside. Reports from the travel agency indicating that our flight was still on time but the earlier flights being cancelled. In deed our flight made it out with only a little delay and upon arriving in L.A.X we found out our flight was featured on CNN as the last flight out before the whole airport was closed down. Still, we were in L.A now and it never seems to get cold their so no chance of snow – seems i’d at last escaped the storm. The white roads had now been replaced by a whole lot of less exciting grey concrete.

The city was even more sprawling than i’d imagined lacking in a central focal point like most others do. Like only homeless people do in L.A we walked over to a dinner for a quick lunchtime burger with Jeff and L.A Ninja publicist Leslie. No i do not have any spare change. After that we headed back to the hotel and i started prepping the set for that night at Low End Theory. I was only playing for 40 minutes that night due to the amount of artists playing. Gas Lamp Killer, DNTEL, MCNocando and plenty others that  i can’t think of right now.  I don’t think i’ve fallen in love with a party or scene as quickly as i did with Low End Theory. I think our eyes truly met when after setting up Daddy Kev handed me a roll of gaffa tape and told me to strap EVERYTHING down as it WILL move. Having soundchecked already i certainly wasn’t in any doubt about that and talking to GLK later he told me he regularly has problems playing the room as the vibrations set off his midi triggers…. insane. Soundsystem aside what really appeals to me is the social side of the party. Plenty of other artists were there just it hang out, talk and check out the guest acts. I certainly think this has really gone a long way to cementing the progressive scene in L.A for it is such a scene built on people doing their own thing and developing a different sound, more out of jazz and psych than the LFO sync’d generic wobblers that so many people are unfortunately pursuing. One thing this trip has certainly taught me is that dubstep an increasingly art-free genre – dubstep is as dubstep sadly does. The rules of the genre are already there and done, do we really need to cover the same ground time and time again?

That, and i hate vowel / formant filters more than ever.

Daddy Kev played a great host introducing me to a series of artists and friends and i’m happy to have had a chance to meet Flying Lotus and was bowel over by GLK’s friendly nature.  My appearance had gotten more press and interest than expected so i was happy to hear i had been bumped up to a headline slot and indeed ended up playing to a packed room. Whilst it wasn’t the best set i’ve ever played as the short running time had me jumping about my set a lot people responded amazingly well.  it was an honour to play at the event and its reputation really does precede it. LIke wise it was an honour to meet many other friendly faces from a multitude of social networking sites, and although i’ve only mentioned (name dropped?) names of icons like Steinski, Anti-Pop, Fly Lo i’ve really enjoyed meeting other people with whom i speak to on a regular basis in various parts of north America, its just their names won’t be familiar to you, so i’ve neglected mentioning them.


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