Smile when it hertz the most

Let The Night Tour pt5 : New York

At the airport i hooked up with  Ghostbeard  who was also playing at Santo’s that night (along with Beans from Anti-pop Consortium). and then Melissa who was putting us up in Brooklyn. Most of the trip in to Brooklyn was spent looking around in wonder at the Buik she was driving. the floor to ceiling red velour upholstery, the boxy bulky dashboard,  and green square LCD display – who cared about the city outside when i was driving around in the crazy carpet machine?

The afternoon saw Ghostbeard head out for a few meetings so i took the opportunity to take myself into Manhattan. Having only been there once before for 4 days last year i found it hard getting around without a map but eventually i found Kims DVD and spent a good hour and a half browsing the racks. I understand that it was once spread over three floors, and some say its a shadow of its former self, but it still beats any other film store i’ve visited hands down.  Despite still having dvds to watch from my last visit i parted with a couple hundred dollars of gig money – and it would have been more if i didn’t already have a very full case, its contents slowly turning from fresh clothes to dirty. For Your Height Only will have to wait till next time. After a bite at Kriff’s hotdogs (another essential stop when in New York) and a look around the expensive outlets and pretty galleries of Soho i headed back to Brooklyn and we all ventured off for dinner, where amongst others we were joined by longtime friend of Jeff Ghostbeard and one of my heros – Steinski.  For the most part i sat politely, only really speaking to Steve Stein directly about deejaying / performance options. I was interested to learn he was now using Ableton and was getting familiar with the APC40, a unit that i’ve not really seen in action before this tour (other than Skalpel using it in Poland) but had been present at a few gigs.  As we all spoke, laughed and exchanged stories i noticed the snow i’d left behind in Chicago had now caught up to us in New York and once again the next day of travel (this time to LA) seemed initially under threat.

With the snow beginning to fall and gig approaching we settled up and went our separate ways. It was an honour to spend time with Steinski, not to mention a struggle to remain somewhat cool and not geek out. I guess Baltimore was that training run.

Arriving at Santo’s the place was busy with hipster kids listening to quite a sentimental, yet young mellow rock / soul band. I blame Pharrell and Nerd, There was a particularly long mumbled speech before the final song, one that i couldn’t quite make out but chances are the lead singer was either talking about ladies, god or his moms. Maybe all three.  What was planned as a seamless switchover to keep some of the crowd quickly descended into a nightmare of missing spec’d equipment, faulty provided gear and the last deejay taking an age to fit her Serato and laptop in to her fashionable clutch bag. The amount of guys flocking round her you’d think Mixmaster Mike was performing, or someone with skills other than at looking hot. I don’t mean to sound jealous but her messing around and habit of moving her debris back to the area i’d just cleared for my equipment to go on was really starting to grate. People were wandering out and we should have been underway already. This was compounded by Ghostbeard’s provided Serato gear not correctly working. Not seeming to be making any progress and temperatures rising as the audience from the previous show disappeared the Anti Pop guys set up and spun some for a while, themselves not immune to the technical issues.

Still it was finally time to go on and i just got my head down and got on with it whilst people showily wondered in and began to dance. I was relieved when looking up after 15 minutes of so and seeing people throwing themselves around to what they heard, admittedly it could have been more people but as long as the people attending the night are having a good time and liking what they hear than i’m happy. During my set Jeff finally managed to get Serato working on a manageable level (although still far from perfect) and the he took over from me when i was done. The night seemed to turn from being less of a King Cannibal showcase than a showcase of every record Jeff has on his harddrive as he seemed to play for a long stretch afterwards, but maybe it just seemed that way because was tired from meeting people and walking round the city  coupled with the 2 or 3 hours sleep the night before.  It was an honour to meet Beans and High Priest from Anti-pop especially as I’ve been buying their collective outputs since the Isolationist album was released on Jazz Fudge. As we left downtown for Brooklyn the snow was coming down faster and thicker but by that point i was more interested in getting to sleep than worrying about the travel arrangements.


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