Smile when it hertz the most

Let The Night Roar Tour pt4: Montreal, Madison and Chicago


So after my second Montreal show, this time at Passeport after Synkro’s deep sounds i was back off the very next morning to Madison in the mid-west.  Primarily a college town the area had a nice studenty vibe to it, with plenty of DVDs spots to hit.

Despite my few days off in Montreal, being about halfway through the tour initially i was lacking in energy with my focus more on the subtitled Lewis Black special being shown about the bar than the other acts playing. Actually i was spoilt for choice for distractions as the venue had three bars (which seemed somewhat excessive for a venue that holds about 450 people) al of which had different programming being shown above it. I managed to catch a little of the Bond re-boot. Never being a fan of James Bond (the film franchise, not the fictional character – i’ve never read any of the novels)  i didn’t really have my mind changed by what i did see of it. Whilst maybe the best way to view a film probably isn’t with audio off, subtitles on above a bar whilst the heavy WubwubWubs rattle your eyes, the things that annoyed me about the films still screamed out over the top of the peaking soundsystem.

The gig itself went down well, especially as i was a tad concerned that it was a large venue and about 5 miles out of town. The midwest has somewhat or a reputation for heavy drinking, and the night proved in keeping with that, as a downed shot after shot of drinks handed to me from people in the crowd. i actually had to turn down the shouted offers of drinks, and i’m glad i did as the hangover made what was a grotty Greyhound ride to Chicago the next morning even worse.

I think i must have mistakenly taken the ‘bum & welfare express’ that day and though long and hard before taking my laptop out to plough through the rest of Rifftrax’s tearing apart of Matrix Revolutions. All of those films / games / manga cartoons for THAT sunrise ending (no that isn’t a SPOLIER – the spoiler is everything that bore the Matrix brand after the first film). Due to a mix up and lose of details of who was picking me up i had about an hour wait at Chicago’s Greyhound bus station, which seemed to be a soup kitchen without the soup.

After a couple of down days chilling with the other deejays playing and not seeing much of Chicago at all, despite a rather bizarre (and hard to believe) offer from Derek Carter to hook up during my stay. Instead i focussed on ploughing through the last few episode’s of Oz that i had on my harddrive and catching up with some work for Ninja. Chicago was the last stop of my tour that featured any time off, the rest of that dates (New York, LA, Seattle, Calagay, San Francisco) are all back to back, one day after the next.  Still i managed time to fit in a live internet stream that saw one of my loosest sets ever with a lot of miss timed launches from myself and the midi going down briefly – i think sitting down whilst performing did it, although it might be interesting to one day play a gig sitting cross legged on a bar stool wading though my set in the manor of playing a heart felt ballad. Also a few hours before the show at Empty Bottle i just had enough time to dash over to a local radio station 88.7fm  Joystyxx Radio and exercise some of the drum & bass that despite being part of my tour set, i never get enough playing time to touch upon (Madison being the exception). It was an odd sensation setting up in the corner of the room and (after my sloppy sat down set the day before) standing up and going for it whilst the two presenters sat and chat  to each other.

Keeping up the multi-media themed long weekend, the whole night was being streamed, in both audible and visual, online which was interesting, especially hearing afterwards the amount of people on the accompanying chat room bemoaning the lack of a scene or events in Chicago (way to support it then, sit at home and watch it rather than pop out for the free show).

Maybe i ended up once again playing too late in the night (given it was a Monday night) but the place sadly emptied out a bit,  it was good fun never the less. The weather no doubt played an issue too, with snow starting to come down pretty fast and heavy. I Began to worry about my flight being cancelled the next morning and the slow panic washed over me (slowed down by the 2 hours sleep that night) when i checked online and the red capital letters of CANCELLED flashed up. With my need to get back to New York that night all i could do was head over to the airport and  prepare to sit it out with a huge plate of Marble pound cake.  Luckily mine was one of the few flights heading out that day, and on time too. It was an odd sound though, listening to people clearing the snow off the top of the plane but my mind was focussed on getting back to New York and visiting KIms DVD, my favourite DVD haunt.


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