Smile when it hertz the most

Let The Night Tour pt3


After a relatively quiet but still fun night in Baltimore i headed back to Montreal via Cincinnati Ohio. I’m really looking forward to getting a direct flight instead of broken up trips and connections, by the time i finish the tour i will have taken 18 flights totalling 18098 miles. I’m starting to lose track of the day as i recap my events sat here in Chicago airport, the piped in scare mongering news messing with my brain.

I’m guessing it was this sense of discombobulation that lead to me leaving a camcorder (that i’ d picked up early in the trip to document my travels) somewhere in or outside Baltimore airport. Ironic considering i was thinking of presenting it along similar lines as the ‘found footage’ seen in Cannibal Holocaust (not Blair Witch – fuck that, remember film goes back longer than 10 years ago you lazy Empire writers). Now the footage really is lost. Maybe i’ll stumble across it online one day. Being too busy getting hands on playing when i’m up on stage most of the footage was just before gigs outside of venues, or airside of airports, or footage of the fronzen lakes flying in and out of Montreal, so no huge lose but that didn’t stop me being really gutted and felt like an idiot for loosing the camera, especially in Baltimore, if i’d have been mugged for it somehow that wouldn’t be so bad… when in rome and all that.

So after a few non-productive calls to the airport i had a few days downtime back at Ghostbeard’s place, the twisted collection of horror DVDs sat behind the TV reminding me of home. Whilst i wasted a day or two catching up with sleep, emails and work i’ve had to do for Ninja, i did manage to take in catching Le Millennium, which was for me rather confusing as it was in Swiss (????????) with french subtitles. Still i though watching a film like this (a conversation heavy detective piece) an interesting experiment, and whilst i wasn’t sure what was happening from scene to scene, with the help of Mrs Ghostbeard i got the general idea and the scene where one chap gets a dildo rammed in to his arse didn’t need a whole lot of translation. I myself felt a similar pain a couple nights before being subjected to the 2 hour season premier of Lost, not even realising that Jeff Fahey is still getting paid work could save that.


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