Smile when it hertz the most

Let The Night Tour pt3: Pittsburgh & Baltimore

So i’m going to bundle a few dates in together here as i’m starting to loose track a bit of both time and space. The day after Igloofest in Montreal i headed over to Pittsburgh via Detroit making my flight with minutes to spare due to the extra security. I was surprised that once over U.S airspace we wasn’t even allowed up to use the bathroom. I hope the cleaners pay extra attention to the seating on these flights.

I was surprised how Pittsburgh reminded me of Philadelphia. of course i have never actually been to Philadelphia, but like most of my knowledge of the America i base this on various TV shows & films i have seen (more of which to come at my next destination).

Pittsburgh seems like an interesting place musically, with a lot of small venues and leftfield music outlets. Less geared towards dubstep and more focussed on the noisier end of the sound spectrum, dark ill-bient and breakcore this was the first event i have ever played where not a single artist on the line-up used turntables. I’m not suggesting this was anything to do with Pittsburgh itself, but more about the company i was keeping. Whilst not being particularly breakcore myself i do enjoy playing these type of nights now that largely the breakcore scene itself is quiet and is taking on a lot of new sounds and tackling them in an interesting way.

It was a bar venue, quite different to the thousands of people out the night before but a party is a party and a good party transcends any amount of flailing arms there may be far off on the horizon. In my over excitement i managed to unplug the power to everything midst but it didn’t take a long to get everything back up and running, and i’m sure people were happy to give their ears momentary relief before the sounds slammed back in, screeching alarms sounding.

So off to Baltimore the next morning for a day off before No Rule at The Metro Gallery the next night.  Now TV over the years has taught me a few things, mostly unimportant but it has been long conspiring against the city of Baltimore. This fuelled by Ghostbeard telling me off gunfire on his first visit and him constantly reminding me not to get mugged (thanks of that….way to fill a man with confidence) left me somewhat of a nervous wreck. So i spent most of the night in the hotel room catching up with emails, some mix work i have to complete whilst on this trip and some films i’d stocked up on to get through during my downtime.  Ironically whilst making my way through HBO’s OZ that night an alarming number of actors from the Wire popped up in small roles. Obviously it was meant to be. Hide in the cheap hotel room where the toilet doesn’t flush.  I did make it out and over to Subway to stock up on some food without incident – surely the longest anyone has ever gone in that City without being beaten down.

The gig itself was probably, no definitely, the lowest turn out so far, and the smallest crowed i’ve played to in years. Not that it was a problem as long as people are there and up for it is motivation enough for me. Being so steeped in ‘club music’ its always going to be a hard sell, but i think i won over a few new people to what is possible with dubstep and made a contact at Unruly records. I got to meet local legend Scotty B who was playing support who oddly when i told him i had some of his records at home told me to take them and “throw them in the fire”. Maybe walking round in a perpetual state of heightened paranoia i’m missing out on the bmore humour.

Unruly’s blog is currently offering the recorded mix for download – so check it out, after years of fiending for their stuff it feels odd to have them talk about me


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