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Let The Night Tour pt2

So day ermm….. 5 (i think) of the tour,  currently making use of the free wifi at Pittsburgh airport awaiting my flight to Baltimore via NY LGA.

Massive MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came down to Igloofest, jumped around, screamed, moshed, crowed surfed, especially as it was all done at a temperature of minus 30. I was in fear of my live set up crapping out due to a thin layer of ice that had taken hold of one of my midi controllers and the very fine snow coming down on my laptop. Montreal is a cool place, even if the hobos do like to mock my purple hi-tops. I have a home and they don’t, i think its safe to say my judgement could be considered the better.

I didn’t get a chance to look around much of the city on the two days i was there, as the first was largely spent catching up with Jeff Ghostbeard and the rest of the Ninja staff.  And not enjoying Poutine… chips (yes) gravy (yes) cheese curd (no thanks).

I can’t say enough good things about the reason i was there though, and the main reason i’m over touring in North America – Igloofest. Truly a festival designed to test the steel of any hardened raver. What sane people would throw a series of huge parties in January in Montreal? Although it had been a bit milder the numerous ice sculptures, ice bars and igloos were still mostly intact, but they were no doubt left further shaken and abused by the 5-6000 people that turned out that night… all those people for one stage and 4 deejays, the result of which was a scene somewhere between The Matrix Reloaded’s Zion rave up and The Thing.


One response

  1. SmokingSocrates

    Yeah it was an epic night!!

    I love the comparison of The Thing & the rave from the Matrix!

    Cheers and see you at the Passeport!

    February 1, 2010 at 3:35 am

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