Smile when it hertz the most

Let The Night Roar U.S & Canada Tour is GO!!


I’m excited to say that my first ever U.S.A and Canada tour kicks off TOMORROW in Boston on the 27th, followed by a string of dates taking in the excellent Igloofest where i’ll be sharing the stage with Rusko, Balitmore (where i’ll be trying to keep my massive Homicide :Life On The Street and The Wire fan-boy mode in check) Chicago, Low End Theory in L.A, San Francisco, New York (Catch you browsing the racks at Kims!) Seattle, Madison… and all of these will mark my first appearance deejaying, and aside New York my first time even visiting these areas.

Wed 1/27 Boston @ Good Life

Fri 1/29 Montreal @ Igloofest

Sat 1/30 Pittsburgh @ AVA

Mon 2/1 Baltimore @ No Rule @ Metro Gallery

Thu 2/4  Montreal @ Passeport

Fri 2/5 Madison @ Inferno

Mon 2/8 Chicago @ Empty Bottle

Tue 2/9 New York @ Santos House Party

Wed 2/10 LA @ Low End Theory/Airliner

Thu 2/11 Seattle @ Club Contour

Wed 2/12 Calgary @ Lord Nelson’s

Thu 2/13 San Francisco @ Club Six

I’ll be fitting as much press work in as possible whilst i’m about but will hopefully get some time to catch my breath and take a look around. Depending on what internet acess and i can get at the hotels I’ll be doing my best to keep the Gods Of War blog updated with stories of my travel and the sights and sounds that will no doubt overload my senses.


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