Smile when it hertz the most

The Poland Report.


Big respect to the people in Poland who came and checked my shows out over the last two weeks.

Warsaw on the 7th, Wroclaw on the 13th and the highlight that was Bytom on the 14th. Great parties, hosted by great promoters and rammed full of great people. I had trouble packing my stuff up off the stage on the 14th due to people keep asking me to pose for photographs with them and i even had a few autograph requests, somewhat or a rarity. Playing along side Igor from fellow Ninja’s Skalpel was also a pleasure, such a humble fellow. Big thanks to Wojtek for the photographs (more of which can be seen on facebook or myspace) and also the visual artist whos name currently escapes me, he also provided most of the visuals for the Nowa Muzyka Festival earlier this year, i’m gutted the only chance i’ll get to see his work is from stills taken on the night as it does look amazing. Apologies to Marcin Kuligowski for never getting round to displaying his fan made poster for the 13th.

On the subject of posters it was equally very cool and very unnerving to see quite so many posters around with my mug splashed across them. Hopefully i’ll make it back over soon as i have caught a fair amount of press over in Poland (a lot of that down to Anna at Jazzclub). I’m not sure why Poland in particular has picked up on the album, maybe its the post industrial setting. One of the most amazing parts of the stint(s) was talking to Ola, partner of Fillip co-promoting Warsaw’s show. Its rare i get the chance to meet anyone who has actually worked in film, let alone starred alongside Steven Seagal.

The subject of area and influenced was touched upon in an interview i had this morning for The Quietus. A very long talk that seemed to fly by for me. As time progresses in this promotional drive for Let The Night Roar i’m starting to settle in to the idea of the interview now, maybe its because i’ve had more time to reflect upon the ideas behind the album and i’ve a better grip on my thoughts, lets just hope its not because i’m starting to enjoy hearing the sound of my own voice. I’ll pop a link up here when The Quietus piece goes live.


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  1. Hey, yr show @ Tauron Nowa Muzyka was awesome, t y for The Bells and other killer-tracks. Greets from PL, c u again.

    January 27, 2010 at 7:45 pm

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