Smile when it hertz the most

Free Frankmusik – King Cannibal Remix Download


Well another week, another remix has hit the skids.

I’m pretty gutted my remix of Frankmusik’s 3 Little Words isn’t going to get a release due to the whole single being scrapped. Despite it being very much a remix of a VERY poppy song, and a VERY poppy remix at that, i’m still really proud of it (this may raise a chuckle but i’m really happy with my hand clap production on this!). I’ve spoken before about the sound of a quality producer and how it should run much deeper than a single genre, and this was something that i very much kept in mind when working on this.  Another reason I’m disappointed is that its also my first venture in to working with drum & bass on a very typical level in terms of genre constraints, which is why i’ve attained permission to offer this out for a freedownload as a Wav file on the link below. Enjoy.

On a side note i don’t even have any of the promo cds sent out, so if anyone happens to have a spare copy please let me know.


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