Smile when it hertz the most

Death Doom and Dubstep Desecration



The last few weeks i’ve picked up a couple of doom / dubstep crossover releases, whilst the tracks are very hit and miss i’m really happy to see that more people are actually putting these sounds together . The current side of dubstep the seem to be pushing things forward at the moment are the more skippy melodic crew, so its good to see the darker half finding new sounds and shapes even if it is only a couple of releases. I’ve coincidentally enough been wrestling with my own 8 minute doom laden dubstep techno track these last few weeks myself tentatively titled ‘The Doooom’ until something better occurs to me (and it can’t include any of the words ‘dark’, ‘night’ or ‘black’ i’ve more than rinsed them enough by now).

Anyway, here are the releases i spotted.

Black Magick Society – Rituals Of Initiation Ep

Neurosis Orchestra – Noir Desire EP


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