Smile when it hertz the most

Downtime & Stone Tape Theory – audio

ZENCD151P cover (300 dpi)


To coincide with my having a few days of down time due to feeling a bit ill i’ve upload sections from my next Ninja Tune release ‘Downtime’ / ‘Stone Tape Theory’. Alongside them you can hear my remix of Frankmusik’s ‘3 Little Words’ which sadly is due to remain unreleased as the whole release has been scrapped (no reflection on my work!). Yes this remix is poppy in the extreme but sometimes its good to just go with the flow and serve the tune you’ve been asked to work on. This was also a big thing for me as it is the first ‘proper’ drum & bass track i’ve ever attempted.

You can check the myspace player here. 

In other news i’ve also just returned from 2 days in Switzerland (for LUF) and Belgium (De Kreun). I can’t say i’m completely 100% happy with both gigs due to encountering some issues with Ableton causing certain audio sections to start cutting out and some problems with one of my midi controllers at LUF due to someone throwing a glass of beer at the stage causing some of the buttons to become un-responsive. Still i went on to turn out a set well over 2 hours long, more then twice what i was initially asked to do. Lets hope i can address these issues before the next two gigs in Bristol & Brixton over Halloween weekend.


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