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King Cannibal Knowledge Mix

Kmag 09.indd

KING CANNIBAL SAYS…. (ex-Knowledge Magazine) is offering a new and exclusive mix from myself alongside a rather nice feature.

I’ve been on a big album promo drive recently putting together numerous radio and album mixes and although this mix (named Chaos ADD) falls under the Let The Night Roar album promo mission i wanted to simply put some stuff i’ve been digging recently together to to Ableton and mess around with it. It sits as a companion piece to the Black & Bruised / Sub Fm mix for about 6 months ago. 

grab it here


2 responses

  1. Yo! What’s the name of the tune at 14 minutes… I’ve got it and can’t remember what it is… cheers! Luke

    December 30, 2009 at 11:03 am

  2. In fact… don’t worry. It’s Lightning by Skream. Here’s the full tracklist y’all:

    * King Cannibal – Intro (Ninja Tune)
    * Svarte Greiner – Where Am I (Type Records)
    * 2562 – Channel Two (Tectonic)
    * Unknown – Unknown, Acappella
    * Distance – Night Vision, Skream’s So Nasty Version (Planet Mu)
    * Moderat – Rusty Nails, Shackleton Remix (B Pitch Control)
    * Freund Der Famille – Pewars (Freund Der Famille)
    * Moderat- A New Error, Headhunter Remix (50 Weapons)
    * Mims – Like This, acapella (Capitol)
    * Clouds – Protecting Hands (Deep Medi)
    * Bakongo – Bambara (Roska Kicks & Snares)
    * Sendai – Sustaining The Chain (Time To Express)
    * Milanese – The End, Untold Remix (Planet Mu)
    * Vaccine – Radiate (Offshore)
    * TIgerhook Corp – Evil Eyes (Vamp Tech Recordings)
    * Sendai – Sustaining The Chain, Peter Van Hoesen Remix (Time To Express)
    * Pearson Sound- Wad (Hessle Audio)
    * Pearson Sound – PLSN (Hessle Audio)
    * SP:MC – Taiko Dub (Tempa)
    * Burnkane – You Will Forget (Planet Mu)
    * Scuba – From Within, Marcel Dettmann Remix (Hot Flush Recordings)
    * Monolake – Titan (Imbalance Computer Music)
    * Page – Ballin Is My Hobby Remix acapella (unknown)
    * Von D – Echolow (Black Achre)
    * Monolake – Titan (Imbalance Computer Music)
    * Scuba – From Within, Marcel Dettmann Remix (Hot Flush Recordings)
    * Micronauts – The Jazz (Loaded)
    * XXXY – Constant (Mindset)
    * Babylon System – Loaded (Argon)
    * SP:MC – Taiko Dub (Tempa)
    * XXXY- Reflections (Mindset)
    * Sarantis – Nitroglycerine, MRK 1 Remix (Senseless)
    * Martyn – All i Have Is Memories (Applepips)
    * Shortstuff – Progression (Formant Recordings)
    * Skream – LIghtning (Tempa)
    * Scuba – Klinik (Hot Flush Recordings)
    * Athues – Sphere One (Baum)
    * Shortstuff – A (Formant Recordings)
    * Peter Van Hoesen – Attribution One, MLZ Remix (Time To Express)
    * Sendai – Sustaining The Chain (Time To Express)
    * Monolake – Titan (Imbalance Computer Music)
    * Freund Der Famille – Pewars (Freund Der Famille)
    * Jeff Mills – The Bells (Purpose Maker)
    * Aviv Geffen – It Was Meant To Be A Love Song, King Cannibal Remix (Mars Records)
    * Scuba – Ruptured, Surgeon Remix (Hot Flush Recordings)
    * Round One – I’m Your Brother, Chicago Mix (Main Street)
    * Vaccine – Radiate (Offshore)
    * LL Cool J – Goin Back To Cali (Def Jam)
    * Huey – Pop Lock & Drop It, Acapella (Jive)
    * South West Clik – All Chrome 38 Blacked Out 9, Acapella (unknown)
    * Freund Der Famille – Symbian (Freund Der Famille)
    * Master P – I Need Dubs, Acapella (Koch)

    December 30, 2009 at 11:05 am

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