Smile when it hertz the most

King Cannibal on Solid Steel

Picture 4

This is pretty much my deejay set right now put down in decent quality. Ableton stems mixed down in to Logic rather then recorded straight out in Live. Yeah there really are some tracks i need to update now, i’ve been playing some of the things in this for a long while! 

Solid Steel in association with Serato(14th August)

“Filthy bass lines? Check. Rampaging snare patterns? Check. Dark synth noises? Check. King Cannibal brings his delicious poison back to Solid Steel this week to celebrate the release of his new opus ‘So…embrace the minimum”, out now on Ninja Tune. Tracks from Modeselektor, Benga, Roska and the King himself all make up the heady brew.

Boca 45 has the remedy in hour two with a superb selection of moves and grooves from Diplo, Music Heads, Bass Nectar and, of course, tracks from the man himself. No doubt the boy has talent.

Steel stalwart DK delivers us back home, fully recovered, with a perfect prescription of new and old from Quantic, The Heavy, Milton Wright and Harlem River Drive. Just what the doctor ordered.”


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