Smile when it hertz the most

The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital King Cannibal Remix


This is a radio rip of my remix of The Prodigy’s Take Me To The Hospital remix from a couple of months back. I was asked to do it ‘on spec’ (words that make me shudder) and got played out by Eddy Temple Morris (who’s Losers remix can be found on the digital release) on The Remix on XFM.

It has come in for a fair amount of hate from hardened Prodigy fans, as a lot of remixes of them seem to do, and didn’t get picked up for the official release.  Maybe i could have done things differently but what would the point be of remixing a big act and watering down your sound. Yes it may get picked up, your wallet a little fuller but a large amount of people would get their first listen to a diluted version of the sound you are offering – this is my eyes is not making a good first impression. 

On the other hand though i’m proud to say i have completed a remix of Two Fingers ‘Bad Girl’ featuring Ce’cile and Sway which will be out in a few months. Its very much a continuation of the bass heavy hiphop exploration i took with my Qemists remix.


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