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So..Embrace The Minimum / Dirt 12″

‘So… Embrace The Minimum’ 
Release date: 17th August

Not for nothing has Radio 1’s Mary-Anne Hobbs has already declared the music of Dylan Richards aka King Cannibal “too dark!” But with ‘So… Embrace The Minimum’ Richards takes a step back from the intensity of ‘Aragami Style’ and ‘Murder Us’ with a tune which uses its considerable energy for upliftment. “It’s really my take on what artists like Martyn are doing with dubstep,” Richards explains, “combined with my love of Detroit techno.”

Following on from the inner-city claustrophobia of ‘Murder Us’, ‘So…’ Richards tells us, is about taking “refuge in small pleasures in order to make the every day grind seem bearable. The ‘minimum’ of the title, he points out, “also ties in with the experience that gave birth to ‘Murder Us’ – the Berlin minimal techno scene.” It’s a superb tune and one which will give early adopters of King Cannibal’s trademark sound a little pause for thought. The darkness and paranoia is still there, but it feels more like dawn than pub chucking out time!

Over on the B, Richards calls in the considerable vocal talents of Daddy Freddy. This is maybe more what people expect from King Cannibal: “I ended up using a lot of static and noise weaved into the track to give it that grubby feel!”. As for Daddy Freddy, he took this deconstructed dancehall skirmish and its voodoo feel for “an exploration of violence” which sounds shockingly real.

When Eddie Temple-Morris heard King Cannibal’s debut single, “Aragami Style,” he loved it so much he added an section to his XFM show and called it “Remix Darkside” in his honour. Championed by The Bug, Bong Ra, Jagz Kooner, Strictly Kev, Kid 606, Knifehand Chop and Ebola, King Cannibal was recently personally requested by Liam Howlett to remix the Prodigy. His debut album, ‘Let The Night Roar’ is due Autumn ’09 and the ground is already rumbling as it approaches. Get dark.

ZEN12248 (12″ released 17th August)

So… Embrace The Minimum 

Dirt ft Daddy Freddy 
Dirt (original mix)


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  1. Richards hits the spot with ‘So … Embrace the Minimum’ – good advice!

    August 24, 2009 at 8:53 am

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