Smile when it hertz the most

New Look Solid Steel ft KC in the mix




Solid Steel in association with Serato (27th March) This week we introduce the brand new Solid Steel web site, which now incorporates a video section and photos alongside the weekly radio show. Hexstatic launch the site in suitable style delivering a mix that you can listen to and watch at the same time, then you can download as a video podcast. Everything from turntablism to drum and bass, thru to techno, breakbeats and more chilled vibes all thrown into this special blend, plus they are all accompanied by the videos to make the experience all the greater.
King Cannibal heads up the second hour with a mammoth mix taking on board tracks from Scuba, Roska, Two Fingers ft Sway and A Guy Called Gerald. 
I.D. completes the show with a mix showcasing his talents behind the production desk and with tracks alongside Baobinga, Skinnz and Reso.


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