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Wrong Radio



Wrong Music now have a regular radio show! 

Even if you’re not a regular Wrong Music fan i’d definitely recommend check out Wrong Music’s brand new radio show coming straight outta Totnes!

Hosted by Ebola, Sorry & Judith Priest the two shows down both have so far been themed. The first being a post Bloc special featuring special recordings of Otto Von Schirach and Richard Devine sets, was littered with banter and insider information. The second show was a Cannibal special and contained a half hour section of my set from Conflagration in Leeds (one of the Subhumanoid Meltdown Tour dates……for which ebola & I are still taking bookings!!) accompanied by the King Cannibal drinking game (take a drink every time you hear an airhorn) and all sorts of cannibal based songs and small talk.   Here are a few words about the show from Wrong Music member Judith Priest…

Hey folks, just thought I’d let you know that ebola, Sorry and myself will be hosting a regular two hour radio show starting this monday at 10pm. We’ll be playing tracks from all our Wrongmusic friends and anything else that tickles our fancy. Expect dancefloor killers, thrillers, madness and self indulgent tosh. You can partake of the listening experience by tuning into and click on listen live. Or if you live in the Totnes area you can tune into 102.5fm.”

There will be another special Cannibal session that should even see me sitting in on the show the first week of May after our show in Brisol together.

In the absence of any podcasts yet (hey give them a break its early days for the show!) Here are some downloads for you to check…

Show One, Bloc Special…

Show Two, Cannibal Special…


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