Smile when it hertz the most


Following my recent audio Racemix for Jonny Mugwump’s show on London’s Resonance FM, I was asked by the equally splendid Radio Nova of Oslo to do a mix live on the programme Musikk, Dans og Drama. Again, it was recorded live without the use of software, using only vinyl. Grab it here


Autechre – Acroyear 2/Brandy – What About Us (acappella)
Jaylib – React
Paul White – We Want It All
Can – Halleluwah/Audio 2 – Top Billin (acapella)
69 – Desire
Hate – Cunning Love
Burial – Archangel
Aphex Twin – Heliosphan
Sticky – Triplets II
Wiley – Eskimo
Fiery Furnaces – Single Again
Anthony Rother – Don’t Stop The Beat
Anthony Rother – Past Represents The Future
Drexciya – Journey Home
Chris & Cosey – October Love Song
Kraftwerk – Numbers
John Foxx – Mr. No
Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop


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