Smile when it hertz the most

King Cannibal goes on the road…



Yes after a number of late night email exchanges, a remix for Ebola and a gig with him recently in Utrect we’ve finally nailed down a European tour April – May. 

Any promoters please contact


“This spring, two of the UK’s rising electronic acts go on the rampage, melting speaker cones and hyping dancefloors as they go. 
That’s right…ebola and King Cannibal are going on tour…” 

ebola (Wrong Music/Mutant Sniper/Bug Klinik) 
After doing a live session for Rob da Bank on Radio 1 in 2006, and getting a slot at the Glade Festival, ebola began 
to establish and develop his low-frequency, glitched-out “grime-core” sound. Since then he has taken his explosive 
live set all over the UK, Europe and some parts of America. 
He has collaborated with Otto von Schirach, Neil Landstrumm and Shitmat, and shared the stage with Clark, Mu-ziq, 
Wolf Eyes, The Bug, Scorn, Ceephax Acid Crew, Mark One, Duracell, KK Null, to name a few. 
These days Ebola’s live sets are aimed at the dancefloor, and take in many “bass-oriented” styles from dubstep to 
dancehall, breakcore to booty-techno, crunk, grime, gabba etc.., and showcase his complete lack of ability to stick to 
any one genre or tempo. 

King Cannibal – AKA ‘ZILLA’ (Ninja Tune/Rag and Bone/Combat Recordings) 
2006 saw Dylan Richards – ‘ZILLA’ going back the lab and perfecting his twisted new sound, an industrial take on 
dancehall, dubstep & drum n bass. 
Demos and material started to leak out and with tunes receiving massive support from Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune,) Kid 
606, Combat Recordings and Rag And Bone Records. 
‘ZILLA’ was invited to record material for Kid 606’s Shockout label, Rag & Bone Records, Combat Records and 
Uncharted Audio and put together remixes for Black Grass and New Flesh. 
2008 was a year of true Cannibal Carnage due to a recent signing to Ninja Tune, massive radio support in the form 
of the BBC Radio 1 Scorn Vs King Cannibal Soundclash Special and Aragami Style receiving HEAVY rotation on 
Mary Anne Hobb’s Experimental show. 2009 is set to be even bloodier, with wall to wall press coverage of a number 
of new projects and his debut LP.


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