Smile when it hertz the most

The Goat of Mendes (Bong-Ra mix)



Although this may be OLD to some people i stumbled upon this crazy mix a few days ago and thought it definitely worthy of sharing, especially as in a few days time on the 16th i am playing at his The following info is from Bong-Ra’s site (which is well worth a visit loads of free bits & downloads to be had).

“I recently did a one off set as ‘The Goat of Mendes’ in Rotterdam at the Deformer CD presentation night in Waterfont. Mixing old industrial (Godflesh, Pitch Shifter..), deathmetal (Carcass..) and new stuff (Earth, Burial Chamber Trio..) with my favourite dubstep producers (King Cannibal, Broken Note..), also playing guitar feedbacking and parts over it.
I mixed it live with Ableton with the Faderfox LV-1, using fx on the tracks and recording and looping the guitar with the Roland FC-300 pedal and the Boss 500L expression pedal. 
Download the mix the artwork HERE!! 
Enjoy! ”

He has also set up a mp3 store too.


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