Smile when it hertz the most

Modeselektor – Jetlag Mix


King Cannibal Says…

Yeah sorry, i’m a bit late on this one. Modeselektor’s Jetlag mix put together for

Its a few months old, but give a brother God a break will ya? Its new to me and i figure it may be new to some others too.

1. Kode9 vs. Badawi – Den of Drums (ROIR)
2. Cylob – With This Ring (Rephlex)
3. Dj Mujava – Township Funk (Warp)
4. 2562 – Techno Dread (Tectonic)
5. Black Noise – Nature of the Beast (Original Black Noise Mix 2) (End to End)
6. TRG – Missed Calls (Subway)
7. Screaming Soul – Warfare (Ruckspin & Planas Remix) (Ranking)
8. British Murderboys – Hate Is Such a Strong Word (Counterbalance)
9. Elemental – Blob (Runtime)
10. Alex Cortex – Huyendo pt.2 (Klang Elektronik)
11. Zomby – Strange Fruit (Ramp)
12. TRG – Oi! Killa! (Cool and Deadly)
13. Mr. Oizo – Patrick 122 (Ed Banger)

Grab it here


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