Smile when it hertz the most

“Mastered by Stu @ Metropolis”

King Cannibal Says…

Head on over to Redbull Music Academy for a very interesting talk with Stuart Hawkes of Metropolis Studios. If you own any Metalheadz vinyl you’ll have doubtless seen the words “Mastered by Stu @ Metropolis” scribed in to the run-out. Like all Redbull Academy you’ll been to be comfortably seated as its over an hour and twenty minutes long, but its a great look at the often misunderstood world of mastering…..

“For over two decades, Stuart has been at the forefront of vinyl mastering, coaxing the heaviest sounds out of the waxy format. The list of records that Stuart has mastered is like a who-is-who of pioneering electronic artists throughout the ‘90s, cropping up on labels like XL, Mute, Reinforced, Too Pure, Rough Trade, Mo’Wax, Alphabet Zoo, FFRR, Talkin’ Loud, Hospital, and Metalheadz. Making breaks sound crunchy over massive bass tones is one of Stuart’s stock in trades, but he can turn his hand to all types of music. Recently he has made sure such stellar and varied artists as Amy Winehouse, The Prodigy, Roni Size, Snow Patrol, and Super Furry Animals all sound as good on your iPod as they do down carnival or over your transistor radio. Ears like a hawk.”


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