Smile when it hertz the most

Free Milanese


King Cannibal says…

Ahead of Milanese’s new Ep, Lockout, on Square Records (and anyone at Dissident early this month and testify what a killer the track featuring Ben Sharpa is) , he has upped another free track to his website. Here is what the man himself says about it….

“Just remembered i did this, we thought about putting it on 1up for warp in 04 but my computer ate all the sequence data so we left it, all i have left is this rough mixdown.”

Its a slice of arpeggiated 2 step-ism (file next to My Red Hot Car) called “Magical Flying Hat” and to get it click here and go to the download section where you can find a few other free downloads. After you’ve done that then check out his myspace for some images of ludicrous trainers.


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