Smile when it hertz the most

King Cannibal top ten..

Limewax – One Of Them (Current Value Remix) – Lost Soul Recordings

My two favourite producers going head to head, a twisting turning Unique 3 sampling, screwed up force of nature, Current Value’s live sounding rock drums are to die for.

Raiden & Current Value – RM Bleeps – Off Key Recordings

Current Value again on the hook up this time flexing his techno flavours. The pick of Raiden presents.. The Firm LP. “When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitute.”

Randomer – Jobless – Med School Records

Hospital Records exciting offshoot is really hotting up, file next to a certain track called Aragami Style. Oh Suave finger clicks how i love you, (thanks to Triton’s drum banks for making them a common thing to hear again) and coupled with elastic basslines that stretch from here to the end of capitalism this track HAS the funk.

Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant – Sound Signature

Ahh, some proper proper detroit music, organic warm sounds with being driven home with such a sense of joy. I know i’ll never fit this in to a set, but its not important i just need to own this one for my own sake and piece of mind, which is something i find rarely said about contemporary dance music.

Quantec – Ray Of Hope (A Made Up Sound Rmx) – Echocord

The dubstep and detroit crossover continues. I rarely pick up Echocord releases as there seems a new 12″ every other week, but this one is something special. A fairy subtle Made Up Sound (AKA 2562) rework, but proof be you don’t have to tear down a whole track in order to provide a great remix.

30Hz – Me, Crazy – Lot49

Like a lot of people, i’m sure, it was seeing the words “Pinch Remix” on the flip of this 12″ that initially got my attention but it didn’t keep it for long. Some tearing monster mid range saturation with a great ascending hook.

Bjork Vs Modeselektor – Dull Flame Of Desire Remixes – White Label

It took me a while to get into i have to admit, but i lay the blame on Anthony Hegarty’s (Anthony and The Johnsons) voice. It just does things to me, bad things. Two really great remixes though and i’m going to pick the girls version,as there is enough testosterone in this list already.

Broken Note – War In The Making – Ruff / Peace Off

Taken from a  split 12″ with man of the moment Starkey. Dubstep seems to be somewhat of a 3 way split at the moment and (to my ears) half step is getting left somewhat behind in terms of progression, A quick glance at Chemical Records would tell you that, so many records so little distinction. If you’re going to do half step darkness you really have to go for it, and boy…. Broken Note are killing it right now, nothing even comes close now that Vex’d are, well …NOT. Just signed up to Ad Noiseam, expect great things from them and great things over a variety of genres too – check out their other current release ‘Fueling The Fire EP’ for some Freak Family style drum & bass. 

Hive – Neo Remix – Violence

I don’t know how old this is, but its fresh out on Violence’s Salvation compilation and buries the OTT booming orchestration of the original for some stripped down bassline action. Love all the little bass drop outs. I hear this is yet another version of Neo too, and that Keaton (also featuring on the compilation)  has turned his attention to house music. See, it is possible to learn stuff from DOA.

Instra:mental & Nico – Horse – Exit Recordings

Nico and Instra:mental together, a great pairing much like your classic Shaw Brother’s wise master to Gordon Lui’s eager student. Damage, delicate delicate damage that takes you apart piece by piece. Spook city.


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