Smile when it hertz the most

Lighters out…

King Cannibal says…

Well here we go again, another month down and another monitor seems to have biten the dust. That’s the third lot this year, not including a torn sub. I really don’t take pride in breaking this stuff, i mean obviously i’m doing something very wrong somewhere down the line. lets hope DIGITAL VILLAGE come to the rescue and sort me out without too much fuss or months of waiting. I did like my Event ASP8s so hopefully this won’t be the end of them (they’re only 5 months old) as it looks like an electrical fault rather then blown internal amps or some such. Still… at least the last sounds it carried were good ones……

A little exclusive there, first peep on the new material for the album – so damn new its not much longer then the above clip. Lets call it THE UNTITLED for now.


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