Smile when it hertz the most

Tuesday morning Tech Step

King Cannibal Says….

The other day i took delivery of the new Instra:mental 10″ on Exit Records. This record is notable for 3 reasons.

First off is its collectable personalised nature : limited to 100 copies, the artwork and design has been created by Instra:mental themselves (all nice and diecut… as pictured above),they also come with two types of 10″ sticker sheets (500 of each) spread over the 1000 and tracks will never (legally) become available for sale or distribution in digital format, and are deleted on the day of release.

All of this attention to detail raises the second reason, it retails at a fairly whopping price of £14.99! Its steep for some cut out sleeve work, picture disc and stickers (drum and bass is rarely all about the stickers!) but its worth every penny as thirdly, it features techstep god Nico hooking up with Instra:mental (somewhat of his spiritual successors alongside Fanu) for the b side Horse. A brilliant slice of No U Turn throwback, its great to hear THOSE drums again (real drums you can reach out and grab hold of, not the overly layered plastic hear you hear all to often these days) and that ever evolving sense of shifting dread. I don’t really like to put other peoples audio on this blog so you’ll have to go and check it out here at Chemical Records.


Another one time No U Turn affiliate makes an appearance this week with DJ Trace’s Miles High getting the rework treatment on Dj Marky’s ‘Influences’ compilation out through BBE. Most people will have first encountered this track on Bukem’s classic Logical Progression Mix ( incorrectly labelled as After Hours, the b-side on the original 12″). As far as i know you can only pick this version up on the 3LP set sandwiched between wall to wall latin & disco.

Maybe i can tie this little post together by advising people to go back and see if they can find DJ Trace’s 21st & South b/w Nexus Apache a white coloured 10″ on Sm:)e Communications back from 97… a release as overlooked as it is good….VERY. No no, hang on, here is the only way of ending this post BY NO-U-TURN MP3s HERE – i didn’t even know they had  a download store.


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