Smile when it hertz the most

Tut tut.

My first post at Gods Of War, and already I am whoring.

I am Doubleclick, and I am one half of a production team called Two Fingers. The other producer is Amon Tobin, and my other car is a Porsche.

We’ve finished our first LP, which will be released early next year on Big Dada in UK/Europe and Paperbag in North America. This man does the vocals for most of the tracks:

Sway will release his second solo LP “The Signature LP” next week, Monday Oct 6th.

Apart from Sway, we’ve also got Ms. Jade, Ce’Cile and Kevin Tuffy on the record. There’s a track on the recent Ninja/Big Dada compilation “You Don’t Know” – a track called “Have It Like That”, with vocals by Durrty Goodz – which is not on the forthcoming LP. You can buy the download at iTunes, and other online shops, and you can hear it on our MySpace page.


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