Smile when it hertz the most

Aragami Style now on pre-order

Head over to the Ninja Shop  where the Aragami Style 12″ and digital release is now available for pre-order. Still being cained by Mary Anne Hobbs, (6 plays, still counting) and now the word is spreading out to Radio 1’s Huw Stevens, X-Fm’s X-posure & The Remix and even NME Radio clocking up spins of it. Official press release below…

“A warm welcome please for Ninja Tune’s latest signing – King Cannibal aka Zilla aka Dylan Richards. Coming through with a hard-edged, utterly uncompromising industrial mash-up of sounds and rhythms from dancehall and drum & bass, Radio 1’s Mary-Anne Hobbs has already declared his music to be “too dark!” (in a good way, dahling – she’s played “Aragami Style” five times already). 
And Ms Mary-Anne isn’t alone. Other early adopters include Bong Ra, Strictly Kev, Kid 606, Knifehand Chop and Ebola. And “Aragami Style” is the place to start as it’s where King Cannibal starts, too. 

Up until a couple of years ago, Zilla was best known for a series of remarkable mix tapes, including “A Friendly Game of Chess” (w/ Buddy Peace), “One Foot In The Fire, One Fist In The Air” and compiling Watch And Repeat Play for Warp Records (again with Buddy Peace). But King Cannibal was born when Richards began experimenting with using the sonic palette of drum & bass over dancehall rhythms. The track he made was “Aragami Style”. Not for nothing has Amon Tobin described it as “A great tune…put together like a DJ’s wet dream.” 

Over on the flip, “Flower of Flesh & Blood” combines sighing ambience, alien invasion quotes and the most menacing bass attack you’ll hear outside of a actual alien invasion. Basically an audio horror movie compressed into six minutes of music, we don’t recommend listening to this on your own late at night… “


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