Smile when it hertz the most


Following Spykidelic’s new Deathstep 2 mix, we have more returning friends on the cut with Stoopid Fux back to follow up his  25 Minutes Of Metalheadz mix. This time he comes with a style doubtlessly inspired by The Psychonauts.  Highlights of the mix has to be Cacoy’s delecious ‘Piracle Pa’,  Bula Vs I:Gor – ‘Gimme The Loot’ (a record that really should be in the Gods collection by now) and Modeselektor & Sasha’s Silikon. Expect to see some King Cannibal & Sasha double teaming in the near future. Ohh, and Its always good to see some Sway & King Tech on a tracklist too.

Stoopid Fux – Static Turbo Vomit (Get Stoopid Fresh Pt.1)


D Roc & Swift C – The Real Stuff (Charles Jnr Records)
Snoop Dogg feat. Pharell – Drop It Like It’s Hot (instrumental) (Geffen)
Just Ice – Moshitup (Fresh Records)
The Automator – Sleep (Ubiquity)
Whoodini – I’m A Ho (Jive)
LFO – Shove Piggy Shove (Warp) Jewel T – Believe It Or Not (instrumental) (Jusst Fresh)
Stephin Strong – Rhymes Different From The Others (Rough Luxry)
East Flatbrush Project – Tried By 12 (instrumental) (Downlow)
Domination– You Haven’t Heard Nothing (dub version) (Rhyme Syndicate)
Lords Of The Underground – Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (acapella)
DJ Krush – Kemuri (untouchable mix) (Sony)
Le Juan Love – Ain’t Nobody Bad Like Me (Luke Skyywalker)
Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn Dodgers (instrumental) (MCA)
Waxmaster Torey & DJ Soundmachine –12 Inches The Hard Way (B-Boy Records)
Big Shug – Crush (instrumental) (Payday)
Steady B – Bring The Beat Back (Jive)
Too Nice- The Phantom Of Hip Hop (Arista)
Kaos – Crank Up The Bass (Bad Boy Records)
JVC Force – A Musical Sample (Idlers)
Sway & King Tech – A Word To The Wise (All City Records)
Cacoy – Piracle Pa (Clockwise)
E-40 – Tell Me When To Go (instrumental) (Reprise Records)
DJ M.A.T.E. & The Latin MC’s – Let’s Jam (B-Boy Records)
Jewel T – Ride The Crossfade (Jewel Records)
Frick N Frack – Look Out (Tam Tam)
Mantronix – Get Stupid Fresh Pt. 1 (10 Records)
Max 404 – Quiddity (second visit) (Eevo Lute Musique)
Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones – Badd (acapella) (TVT)
Schoolly D – It’s Krack (Jive)
Joeli – Sweat (instrumental)
Uptown – Dope On Plastic (acapella) (Tommy Boy)
Rustie-Clipper (Stuffrecords)
Modeselektor – Silikon (Bpitch)
King Cannibal– Aragami Style (demo version) (MP3)
Tear Da Club Up Thugs– Push ‘Em Off (acapella) (Hypnotized Minds)
Monsta Noodle- Destroying Town Having A Laugh (ServerRedDigital)
Bula Vs I:Gor – Gimme The Loot (Noistorm)
DJ Hellfish – Emeporonics (Planet Mu)
Eightball & MJG – Break ‘Em Off (acapella) (Suave)
Astrobotnia – Portable Motor Home (Rephlex)


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