Smile when it hertz the most

At last….. Aragami Style 12″ !!

We are very proud to present to you the approved artwork of the first King Cannibal 12″ for Ninja Tune, designed by visual artists and long time Warp collaborators Flat-E  who managed to squeeze in this beauty between London Sinfonietta shows and work for Mighty Boosh director Paul King’s new project. 


Due out Sept. 29th the 12″ will feature the great anticipated ‘Aragami Style’ a tribute of sorts to the early work of Nico & No U Turn records, on the A side and gothic dubstep killer ‘Flower Of Flesh And Blood’ on the B. Both tracks have been receiving huge support from dejays worldwide including regular airings on Mary Anne Hobb’s BBC radio 1 ‘Experimental Show‘ but we at Gods would like to personally thank Amon Tobin who’s love for Aragami Style has played a big part in getting the King Cannibal album off (currently under construction) of the ground. Promo versions of the 12″ turned up a couple of days ago and are sounding suitably fierce.


One response

  1. nice to see aragami style finally making it to wax! this tune is killer!!!

    August 17, 2008 at 2:02 pm

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