Smile when it hertz the most

Ebola – Formaldehyde Blunts Vol.1 Mix

Check it out – a brand new mix from Gods favourite mash king Ebola! Taking in music from Rustie, Ed DMX and Technical Itch amongst others also including King Cannibal‘s Remix of Ebola’s own ‘Pass The Buckfast’ squashed up in to a bitcrushed pulp and squished into a box marked 49 mins, 4 seconds. 

In his in words its “A disjointed mix for late night sofa casualties.” We at Gods can only assume the aforementioned sofas have come alive after a sneaky voodoo ceremony and are hunting down humankind in some kind of bass driven, 3 piece upholstered muder pact. Click the link below to download the mix and Beware the sofa retribution!

(The cover and full tracklisting are in the zip file)

Ebola – Formaldehyde Blunts Volume 1



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