Smile when it hertz the most

King Cannibal / ‘ZILLA’ release update


Just to let you know although its been quiet on the ‘ZILLA’ / King Cannibal news front for a while thats because we’ve both been locked in the studio stacking up releases.

So.. Keep your ears peeled for a number of releases on Stormfield’s Combat Recordings, Uncharted Audio, Noyeahno & DJ Warlock’s Rag And Bone Records and not forgetting the two long awaited Shockout releases; ‘Long Dark& Dancehall EP’ and ‘Funeral Again’. Also OUT NOW, is a r@re outing from ‘ZILLA’ (in the form of the Skam / Crunk hybrid Bout it / Bout I.T) on new imprint 2600 RecordingsHOME ENTERTAINMENT compilation, also featuring music from long time friend and collaborator Buddy Peace, and Waxfactor / Sasqwax under his Ambulance Chasers guise. BUY IT!!

Unfortunately the King Cannibal remix of New Flesh’s ‘Backyard’ has been put on ice for now, but we’ve still plans for it. MARK MY WORDS! To make up for it though they’ll be a new free mix up shortly on this blog site showcasing all our drum & bass influences from over the years, its going to be HUGE!!


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